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mollymay 07-26-2013 03:04 AM

Perfect breakaway ropes?
Hey newby over here, um what ropes and sizes do you like for breakaway roping? I've been practicing roping at a standstill with some old ropes my barn has, but I have no clue to the size or brand of them. This would be so helpful if some of you could help point me in the right direction. Thank you!!!!
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Roperchick 07-26-2013 02:27 PM

I use the 28' rattler striker 4-strand calf rope. Its a little bit thicker/stiffer than others and has a balanced weight to it so my throw doesn't vary too much.

Any good calf rope brand will do you good. It all depends on your roping style and what you feel is comfortable. Some like the light soft ropes better.

mollymay 07-27-2013 07:57 PM

Ok so I just nabbed a rope off the clearance rack at the local farm store. Probably not the best but I really wanted something to practice with at home since I can't take the ones from the barn home. I got a 31' by fast back ropes any good?
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Phly 07-28-2013 12:27 AM

It's not bad, anything you can practice with is fine. You'll learn what you like and want in a rope.

How you handle the rope is more important then what rope.
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Roperchick 07-28-2013 12:30 AM

That'll work fine. Like phly said it all depends on your style so if your practicing with a certain type and thats what works for you then your good.

Phly 07-28-2013 12:49 AM

Heck just getting used to having 30' of rope while horseback is a challenge at first.
For horse and rider, if your horse hasn't been roped off of, it'll need to learn too.
GOOD horses can lose it when they get caught in the rope, others freak out at the sound.
You practice, play with the horse with the rope, then maybe you'll need to worry about strands, lays, diameter, etcetera.
The key is practice on an off horse back. We've been known to rope everything! Chairs, poles, bumpers, etc.

Oh, by the way, MOM does not like being heeled or headed. Roped at all for that matter. Be nice :)

But throw as many loops as you can as best you can.
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mollymay 07-28-2013 03:04 AM

Ok cool :) do people mostly like a thinner or thicker rope?

Today at my sisters I spent a good hour roping EVERYTHING in their backyard- dogs, toy lawn misers, chairs, toy cars, people ha ha I officially have 2 large blisters on my right hand- but I was able to successfully rope numerous objects! :)
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mollymay 07-28-2013 03:05 AM

Oops toy 'lawn mower'
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Phly 07-28-2013 03:27 PM

Oh yeah, wear a glove. ;)
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mollymay 07-28-2013 08:24 PM

The biggest blister has almost gone down- it's about the size of quarter right at the base of my index finger. I want to practice a little each day. My husband learned to rope as a kid so it's been fun having him give me pointers from what he can remember :)
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