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DriftingShadow 07-26-2013 10:27 AM

Anyone seen this before?
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Hello all! I have a potential purchase at my barn undergoing his PPE, etc. The vets came out yesterday and did all the necessary flexion tests, he was a grade 0 lameness (so no lameness detected) after each test on each leg.

HOWEVER, my vet was baffled by his front feet. He said it his only concern and we are taking him in for xrays on Tuesday of next week (soonest they could get us in). Has anyone seen this before? I posted a pic of his front left below, but the front right looks the same. The toes have a triangular divet which then cracks all the way up to just about the hairline. The divets are pretty deep which you cannot tell in the picture because of the sand that got into it. I will try to take a pic tonight when I go back out that is clearer.

My vet is concerned but thinks perhaps that if it was something TOO major than he would have shown some sort of lameness on those feet. He mentioned possibly a bad case of seedy toe?

His history: He is newly turned 4 years old. He is an appendix that was bred for quarter horse racing, but was taken off the track and gelded due to no high drive to run. Bought by a girl who claims she took his racing plates off and tried to let him go barefoot and that is when the cracks appeared. His owners also had him on Wrangler (generic) sweet feed and a grass/hay mix and that was all. He went into a dry lot for 3-4 hours of turn out today.

Could this be a mineral/vitamin deficiency issue? I am switching him over to purina ultium and grass as of now. I really love this guy, and he has a great personality. Just really concerned about those feet. Again, we are getting them x rayed Tuesday but I would love to hear others thoughts before then.

Thanks for the help!

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CandyCanes 07-26-2013 10:33 AM

That looks a lot like a sand crack to me.
Happens when the horse is kept in dry sandy paddocks, or spends a lot of time in the sand arena. I recommend some hoof moisturizer stuff, to help keep the hooves moist and prevent future cracks.
I can't say for the current hoof, as I haven't much experience in that area. Maybe a sand crack clamp if it gets any bigger. But it doesn't look big enough for that atm.

Clava 07-26-2013 10:37 AM

Looks like a typical crack which probably has a gap at the base where the white line is. Mineral imbalances certainly contribute to poor hooves as does poor trimming. I would look carefully at the under side and treat with suitable anti fungal / infection (white lightning, cleantrax or similar), trim regularly and give a hoof supplement balanced to forage.

nickers103 07-26-2013 10:38 AM

Appears to be a vertical crack that extends from the wall's bearing surface up toward the coronet. I'd say the importance depends upon it's depth and length. If it's just a surface crack, it's probably just a blemish more than a clinical problem that good nutrition and maintenance can solve. If it's deeper it could perhaps represent partial loss to the hoof wall integrity and greater foot instability.

busysmurf 07-26-2013 10:39 AM

Not sure what it is. But Odie has something similar (minus the crack to the hairline). On his front foot he has ALWAYS had a crack for the last 20+ years. When he had shoes on, that was the foot that he would always lose a shoe. He hasn't been lame on it from my recollection, it's just his goofy foot. The crack has never been more than an inch long, and even with a 4 week trim schedule or shoes on, it's always there. It gets to a certain point, and then it cracks. To trim past it would be going just past that point of taking to much, it's right on that fine line. So since it's never bothered him, I haven't tried to hard to fix it other than changing supplements or other feed.

His feet are hard as rocks otherwise. Because it's never really caused serious problems, I've never gone all out to discover what's causing it. The most common theory is it's just a slight bone deformity that changes how his hoof is at the end.

Cat 07-26-2013 10:43 AM

My mare had a crack like that when we bought her and farrier didn't think it was a big deal - nothing that supplements and balanced trimming couldn't take care of. The crack itself is looking better but we do have on/off lameness on that hoof. We are seeing if hoof boots w/ extra padding are going to help.

DriftingShadow 07-26-2013 10:47 AM

Thank you all!

My farrier is meeting the vet out on Monday at the farm to discuss what he thinks it could possibly be with vet. He has not had the best foot care from previous owners and vet said he needed to be trimmed before we were able to take x rays on tuesday anyways.

The crack does not appear to cause him any pain, and though that triangular portion is fairly deep, it seems to cause him no pain either. I will look into fungal treatments .

Forgot to mention, another thing that had me thinking it was probably caused by a mineral deficiency was the fact that he had also blown an abscess out his back right. It almost to the toe line, and is growing out, but it left a pretty big crater.

Vet also said he was suffering from long toe, low heel but I am familiar with treating that as we did the same thing with Drifter when I got him.

Good to know that all he probably needs in some good hoof TLC :) Thank you all

Kayella 07-26-2013 10:51 AM

Is there any way you can clean the foot out and post of pic of his sole? I would definitely get it looked at by your farrier before purchasing.

Did the shoes have a center clip on them? It could have done some damage if they were left on too long.

DriftingShadow 07-26-2013 10:55 AM

Yes Kayella I can do that tonight when I feed! And no, no center clip that I have noticed. Not to say they didnt have him in shoes with a center clip before I saw him.

I dont see signs of thrush or anything when I clean his feet out 2x a day, but I have noticed that he appears to have been short shod. His owners told me they had just shod him 2 weeks ago, and his toes are already starting to outgrow his shoes. Farrier is going to try to come out sometime tomorrow and then just meet vet on monday or call him and tell him what he thought. I dont really wanna wait too long with those feet.

Vets also tested all 4 feet in various locations with hoof testers, no reaction at all. In fact he fell asleep on the vet student who was holding him's shoulder haha.

If there was some fungus, etc going on which was causing those cracks would the hoof testers have shown something?

Trinity3205 07-26-2013 02:00 PM

No. And with cracks you should always assume there is fungus in there till its gone. Most of those toe cracks have a little (or alot) seedy toe at the bottom when you turn the foot over and then fungus under the thin hoof layers at the top. Treat it religiously and that combined with a prober trim will make it go away. Cracks that to not originate and grow gown from the coronet band are not supposed to be there.

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