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WantAhorse 03-12-2009 12:07 PM

Lease help please!
I decided I wanted a horse and after riding a few years this seemed like a good time. So I found one at a barn in my area that as listed online and went to try it out. I was happy with her, nice walk, trot, canter, etc. A little shifty in the isle while being tacked up she did move around a bit but nothing bad. So I took her on a lease with the hopes to buy her at some point if I liked her. I did move her to a different barn, closer to my house. The weather has really sucked the past weeks and so I have not had a lot of riding time but she is outside in a field all day with a few other horses and is not trapped at all. The couple times I have ridden her she has been really difficult, running, spinning, kicking and just NOT behaving well at all, much more than I am able to control. So here is my question. The form I signed said I could bring her back if I did not want to keep her and so now that I don't want her I called them and said very nicely, I like her but it's just not working and I was told that it was fine to take her back. Now they are dragging their feet and say they do not know where they want her to go and in the mean time i am stuck paying for boardign for a horse I don't want and can't ride. Is it just me or is this odd? It is a lease, it is not my horse... why don't they take her back? Can somebody please help me.

Percheronbaby 03-12-2009 02:01 PM

you signed the form and if it DID in fact say that you can return her anytime you can do just that. i dont know how you could put up with that, i would have told the owners that you are dropping the horse off and that was that. and just not give them the option to say no. i mean, its not your horse! def let me know how it ends up. i would tell them that you will no longer pay for a horse you are no longer willing to ride and such and tell them they have so many days to come get her then your dropping her off and she is no longer your responsibility.

PoohLP 03-12-2009 03:22 PM

Make sure you've given them written notice saying that you don't want to keep her anymore. Then if they make you wait any longer, you will have grounds to have them reimburse you for boarding costs accrued after the notice date.

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