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kntry 07-27-2013 09:35 AM

What do you have on the floor of the stalls
What is the floor of your stall made of?

Ours is dirt with shavings. Our 4 stalls are 32x32' so mucking them out with a rake and then unloading a truck load of shavings is back breaking and expensive.

We're spending about $160 a month on shavings not to mention hours a month cleaning the stalls.

Is there a better solution?

We're thinking about concrete and stall mats but DS says we'll still have to buy some shavings, just not as much.

SouthernTrails 07-27-2013 09:43 AM


32 feet by 32 feet for a stall?

No wonder it is costing a fortune, but where do you get your shavings?

We were getting out pine sawdust shaving directly from a sawmill at a cost of 12.00 for a full size F-250 bed full, that may help in reducing costs if you get the shaving direct or maybe make the stall a little smaller


PaintHorseMares 07-27-2013 10:22 AM

32x32 isn't a stall, that's a luxury suite!
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amberly 07-27-2013 10:49 AM

Our boarder has just dirt on their ground. And their run out for the stalls is all sand so it makes it easier to clean up.

kntry 07-27-2013 11:44 AM

All 4 stalls total 32x32. Each stall is 16x16.

I'll have to try and find a mill that we can buy from. We're getting them from a "between" guy.

For $80, we get a long bed truck with the sides raised 4'. Just barely enough to do all the stalls.

SouthernTrails 07-27-2013 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by kntry (Post 3179385)

For $80, we get a long bed truck with the sides raised 4'. Just barely enough to do all the stalls.

That would be about 20.00 stacked that high in my area of GA

Yes, try to find the direct route, save some money :wink:


Dreamcatcher Arabians 07-27-2013 01:06 PM

Try to find a direct supplier or check with a nearby race track. I buy shavings from the track at $275 for a 15 cu yard dump truck load. That will last me about 6 months. I have 8 12 X 12 stalls in the main barn and 2 24 X 36 foaling stalls in another. It also sounds like maybe you're bedding extra deep. I have dirt floors with mats, and I use about 1 bag of shavings per stall every couple of weeks. I only use enough shavings to keep the pee from splashing up on them.

caseymyhorserocks 07-30-2013 05:44 PM

Dirt flooring with some old hay and little sawdust in summer. In winter I will throw a couple wheelbarrows of sawdust in there. My horses are only stalled in bad weather (pouring rain) and they have pea gravel runs.

Mochachino 07-30-2013 06:25 PM

Where I board it is cement floor with rubber matts. I don't use anything in the stalls until late fall into winter as they barely use their stalls. The stalls are open and they can walk in and out freely into a fairly large field and they prefer to lay around in the sand and grass than be inside their stall. However, if I do put shavings in the stalls they will automatically just go in their and poop and pee, so none right now. In the fall I use shavings just from the bags. For each stall I put two bags of shavings and mix in 2 bags of pellets, it helps to soak up more and last longer. Usually will last a week and a half'ish, depeding on how much rain we they wouldn't want to get wet to go outside and do their business...:shock:

NorthernMama 07-30-2013 07:05 PM

Yup, find a mill and many will bag them for you. Much easier to work with.

I don't have actual stalls. It's an "open concept" barn. LOL The horse gets one half and I get the other for storage, etc. About 2/3rd of her side is concrete and 1/3 is wood. But, as I said, it's not a stall - she has free access so there is no need to put anything on the floors. If I could build my own barn, I'd put "A" gravel on the floor and pack it really well.

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