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threehorsesmad 07-01-2007 06:10 PM


hope no one minds my first post being after some advise.

i have had horses (the same 2 ponies with an adition of my older big lad) for 11 years. i have always fed hay/haylage. haylage when i lived in england is it was the best i could give my horses. here in france you can not buy haylage (unless you go to an english farmer that charges you literally about $10 per horse per year to feed it, i simply can't/won't pay that when you have 3 ganets pluss goats that eat ten tons of the stuff).

i am planning to buy haylage in england and ship it to france (where i live now) until i get the land/tractur to do my own. as there has been no hay cut this year apart from hay that will be mouldy as it was baled wet, so useless i am being forsed into buying silage. i have researched on the net that it is safe for horses.

has anyone fed it?

does anyone know how long it has to stand nefore you can use it? i know hay its 8-12 weeks. i have no idea about silage.

any ideas would be greatfully recieved as i am running out of last years hay and can't get hold of any more now

i have included some pictures of my 3, maddi is the top one, ginga (original name i know) then Ru

KANSAS_TWISTER 07-02-2007 03:25 AM

$10 per horse a year?, is that right? my sister went to universite de nonte for a year and she said they they kept there hay in a odd way.

tumai 07-02-2007 07:37 AM

If this silage is the same as we have here in NZ, eg wrapped in plastic wrap and fermented for some amount of time....then JMHO...No amount of money would have me feed silage to my horses. Aside from boiling up there brains and making them mad as maggots it can increase there chances of developing health problems....the digestive type...colic and secondly founder or laminitis. I only know that it makes horses crazy because my neighbour who is a dairy farmer fed her horse silage and wondered why she kept getting unloaded and before she saw what she was doing her horse got laminitis.....she made the connection when the vet told her to stop feeding it...(we tried to tell her :roll: )
please please please be careful.

threehorsesmad 07-02-2007 02:59 PM


sorry 10k not 10, thats just wishful thinking lol

you mean the higher sugar levels i take it. i am fully aware of this. its the same in haylage. you can't just wack a load in with them like hay and say enjoy lol. you need to introduce slowly and build up to a suitable amount. certtainly not the amounts you give with hay. but i know with haymage it is higher in callorie whic is something i am desperate for. my older boy (jhe's 20) looses weight very easily. haylage (aqnd silage i presume) its a case of slowly add to a suitable amount not just add lib like hay. hope io've put your mi,d at rest as i would never do anything that i wasn't 100% sure of/hadn't checked with a vet.


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