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gdharvey 07-28-2013 07:59 AM

17 yr old Arabian Gelding skinny.
I have a 17 year old Arabian gelding that I rescued back in April. So far we have come from emasiated to skinny (that's good!) I slowly started him on grass and hay, went to pelleted senior feed, added oil, then added weight builder. I have done this slowly over the span of this summer so he wouldn't colic. Now my vet said to add omolene. I don't even feed my other mare grain because she is such an easy keeper (just as a snack sometimes) and when I did our polo club provided the sweet feed. There are many types of omolene. Any suggestions on which to add with the senior feed? Thanks!

walkinthewalk 07-28-2013 10:23 AM

Since it's the vet that has recommended the Omolene, that means the vet has already inspected teeth and the horse has probably been wormed by now? :-)

I am beginning to think there is no gray area with Arabs --- they seem to either be very easy keepers or hard keepers.

Mine has always been a hard keeper and maybe I shouldn't be attributing it to the fact he was a body score of 3 when I rescued him 20+ years ago.

He also deals with gastric stomach ulcers, something else you might need to ask the vet about.

My Arab just turned 27 and his diet seems to need tweeked about once a year:-(

For now he is getting:

1. Triple Crown Senior (an excellent feed even though your Arab is only 17).

2. Pelleted rice bran.

3. Alfalfa pellets but only 8 ounces as his system dumps the protein if I feed him more than that.

4. Omega-3 Horseshine

5. A PRE/probiotic that does not have fillers in it. I do not like FastTrak because it has "roughage products" in it:shock: All that does is fill up the up the container with stuff that doesn't do anything to help the digestive system.

6. I have just put him on a very expensive product recommended by my vet. It is not prescription but mercy it is costly. Equiaide's "Body Builder".

The upshot is that it has given him some added energy, slicked his coat beyond "the Omega Horseshine Factor" and he loves it mixed in his feed.

If I was going to recommend adding one thing, it would be this stuff and take away the liquid oil you are currently feeding. I agree with you to not add the Omolene:-)

Equine Body Builder Rice Bran Oil Emulsion Equiade (Supplements - Weight Builders)

This is an all-natural product but my word of caution is that it contains corn oil and cane sugar. This is NOT something to feed horses with metabolic (insulin) issues that are hard keepers.

I am only half way thru the first bottle and have seen positive results, only feeding my Arab a dose every other day. He is out on pasture but when winter gets here and the pasture is depleted, I think this stuff will come in very handy to help keep weight on him.

Hope this helps:D

deserthorsewoman 07-28-2013 10:45 AM

Welcome to the forum, first of all:-)

To give you more detailed advice we need to know a few things first:-)
Pasture: how much grass is there, and how long daily does he graze. Are there lots of bugs which could make him not graze?
Hay: what kind is he getting, and how much/ when
Is he stalled, does he live by himself or drylotted and in herd?

As much as I used to like Omolene, I will NOT feed it anymore to any of my horses. Way too much sugar and starches. There are better choices, if you want to stick with a Purina product.

Oh, and of course we need to know, as WTW mentioned, dewormed, fecal test done, teeth okay.
Aaaaaaand we need pics to see his current bodycondition ( and the pretty Arab face if course;-))

gdharvey 07-28-2013 01:51 PM

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Teeth have been floated and will be again in October at 6months from 1st time floated. Regular worming, shots, etc. He is on three acres of gray and gets free choice hay. He is with my mare (as her pasture buddy) and she does not chase him off. I do feed him separate though. We do not have a barn here (but he does have horse shed for shelter) he is getting a Timothy mix hay because no alfalfa is really grown down in Mississipi. I am thinking of adding alfalfa cubes (soaked) when the time is right. The photo is from the day I got him and then 3 months and 7 days after. Then the pic by himself is from today, he's kind of at a stand still. He has scars on his face from his halter being left on for years. This is my first arabian so I am new to the breed. I just couldn't leave him. Also I have always bought horses healthy and kept them healthy so it's difficult for me to have him still skinny! He has a grass belly but hips etc are still points :(

gdharvey 07-28-2013 01:54 PM

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Sorry it only posted one pic :/ here is another of him from beginning

deserthorsewoman 07-28-2013 02:20 PM

Good Job so far!
I would probably start with the soaked alfalfa pellets now and would add a ration balancer. I kinda like Nutrena Empower Balance, Purina has Enrich 32, Triple Crown the TC 30%.
Don't know if you're familiar with RB's. Basically a very concentrated feed, given at 1 lb a day, contains everything a grass/ hay diet only is lacking. Protein, amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, minerals. It is grainfree, therefore low in sugars. That might just be what he needs....the balancing. The alfalfa pellets will add calories, so this combination could be all he needs. Should he still struggle, beetpulp, a little ricebran, or oil are other possibilities for adding calories.

walkinthewalk 07-28-2013 03:12 PM

Oh oh oh! I want him! He looks very much like my 27 yr old Arab! Did you get lucky enough to get his papers?

I just took this pic today. Streeter isn't lacking fat, he's lacking muscle plus he's lived with an injured vertebra since before I rescued him 20+ years ago. Streeter is mostly Crabbett-bred and is 13.3H. He is a medium bay but the high sun was hitting him wrong when Mr. WTW took the picture:(

gdharvey 07-28-2013 07:56 PM

Working on getting his papers. Friend picked them up, just haven't gone to get them yet. Once he gets some good weight in him by next year I am thinking of donating him to a school or something :)

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