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Doodlesweaver 07-28-2013 08:34 PM

Georg Kieffer Ges Gesch saddle
I've been looking for a new saddle and just discovered my 93 yr old grandmother's old saddle - a Georg Kieffer jumping saddle bought in 1964. Does anyone know anything about these old saddles? Looks like the knee pads are worn and some of the stitching is out. For nearly 50 yrs old it's in great condition. My grandmother was a great horsewoman and I'd love to ride in her saddle. Is it worth it to have the knee pads replaced and the stitching repaired + new gullets? If so where do you send a saddle to have this done?

unclearthur 07-29-2013 07:31 AM

I doubt it's worth doing. Bear in mind in those days Keiffer didn't use plastic trees so width adjustment isn't possible.

Knee pads are expensive to have replaced properly simply because the thin leather will have stretched so it's difficult to cut a replacement accurately to fit the backing, which is usually okay. Then it must be handstitched on to re-use the existing holes in the flap, otherwise it looks awful. Might be worth doing if the saddle fits your horse :)

Doodlesweaver 07-29-2013 04:39 PM

It looks pretty and has a lot of great memories. Last night after I got it all cleaned and oiled I sat on it using the couch arm as my "horse." They've tree is pretty narrow - don't think it will fit either one of my guys - and also noticed its a very hard saddle. But super well made. The Marcel Tolouse Premia my daughter has and lives is like a disposable saddle compared to this one. SOLID is the best word for it. My grandmother is dying though. So I oiled up her old saddle and set it up on her chair in her living room so she can daydream about all those wonderful rides way back when. She's my hero! I will take it out and try it on my big guy. If it fits and doesn't lean me too far forward I'll pay to have it fixed just to be able to ride and know the entire family history, including my grandmother is right there with me - in the woods, on the back of a horse - where everything is (mostly) alright - save for yellow jackets, snakes, broken bones and losing your horse and having to walk back to the barn.
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