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Charlie Horse 07-02-2007 09:54 PM

Someone is bound to think I’m horrible for this, but, meh.

Last week my horse ripped his shoe off and my farrier just got back to me today. Charlie has a lift on one of his front feet because he had dropped heels, so now that he lost the shoe opposite he’s really uneven, which means I won’t be able to round pen before the farrier comes out to fix things. Which, Charlie really needs because he tends to be a bit psycho about his feet. (Its not my farrier, the guy is amazing, it’s the horse.)

Well, the schedule is kind of tight (and if i don't do it that day i can't for another week or so), otherwise I was just going to have him take the other front off (because I think he need the whole set replaced now) then work him, but my farrier is worried about this tearing up his feet. Soo, to the meat of the question.

Could I give him one of those mild sedatives I saw in the catalog? Like For-A-Flex Lazy Days/Calm and Cool/Vita Calm? He’s used to being sedated (they sedated him for the trailer ride over, even though they were not asked to, when we got him), plus from the track and such. But would this be a bad thing? Bad for him? And if it is ok just this once, which product should I get?

futolympeventer327 07-02-2007 10:19 PM

It's not horrible at all. The safety of your farrier and horse is the most important thing if he needs to be sedated for it to be safe then so be it.

If you can I would just have someone use a regular sedative to be on the safe side. If you don't have access to ace or something else of the sort quietex works really well on most horses.

If it doesn't work out having his feet done, duct tape them up so he doesn't do anymore damage. Or if you have a easy boot or boa boot that would be even better.

giget 07-03-2007 04:17 AM

i dont think that cruel at all u have to do what u have to due to ensure the horse and people around him are safe good luck

Charlie Horse 07-03-2007 01:14 PM

Thanks, both of you.

I'll see if my local feed store as either Ace or Quieter then. I know my farrier will be happy not to get dragged around and stepped on.

kitten_Val 07-09-2007 08:47 AM

Ace didn't work for me at all (gave shot before using farrier 1st time).

The only medication kinda worked for me was the one my vet used when he did teeth (you can't buy it as far as I know as it's VERY strong). However my horse was able to break the vet teeth tool and kicked the vet out of stall even after 2 shots. According to vet he never saw it before, but...

Ryle 07-14-2007 03:46 PM

You would have to get Ace or any other actual sedative from your vet. And there is no cruelty involved in sedating a horse for the safety of your farrier, vet, handler, etc. Ace would need to be given prior to the horse becoming aggitated because it can be ineffective if the animal is already upset when you give it.

The over the counter supplements may or may not work. There are no studies to prove their effectiveness. You may want to try one out prior to your farrier arriving to see if it has any effect on your horse.

desperate horsewife 07-15-2007 07:31 AM

We just had one of my fillies' feet done and needed to tranquilize her for the event.

Ace tends to work on horses who are high energy/nervous more than those who are operating out of fear, which my girl was. However, the vet also gave her a second dose of some other tranquilizer (which I don't recall the name of), and between the two we managed to get the job done.

Number one priority is to keep everyone safe, as has already been said. But I would wonder if you could begin working him through some of his issues, as it must be horrible to live a life that forces you to be sedated for so man activities.

Charlie Horse 07-15-2007 02:20 PM

Oh he's pretty good if I can work him before he sees the farrier, but this time I couldn't, due to the uneveness. And he's even better if he has some feed to keep his mind off what's going on.

I ended up using Cool and Calm, because that's all I could get (I haven't decided on a vet yet, not sure I liked the one I used before) it didn't seem to do much, but he was acting like I'd taken him to a stoner convention. He did pretty good, since it was a quick job. And no one got hurt, except him. He's always kicking himself. Ugh.

But thanks for all the advice.

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