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danastark 03-16-2009 01:16 AM

My boy and my girl :)
Had another great lesson with Cody today, he's really coming along, learning he can bend around a circle, halt in a smooth, coordinated way and he's not so interested in all that is going on around the arena now. She wore spurs today instead of using a whip and that was better. I'm really proud of my daughter and how she's bringing him along although I think she's trying to steal my boy!

He's walking next to a 15 hand mare......

free_sprtd 03-16-2009 01:41 AM

oh wow look at how he dwarfs that other horse! what a great job, nice team.

boxer 03-16-2009 04:19 AM

cripes! how big is he!!

english_rider144 03-16-2009 02:38 PM

hes 17.3 isnt he? Hes such a gorgeous boy!

xilikeggs0 03-19-2009 12:09 PM

Haha, my horse is only like 16.2 and she dwarfs most of the horses at my barn. I'm also one of the few english people at a roping ranch, so needless to say, we really stand out.

The good thing is that I never have to worry about anybody riding her without my permission, because everybody's scared of her!

danastark 03-19-2009 08:29 PM

Thanks! We do get a lot of attention because he is so much bigger than everyone else, at least in our circle of horse people. They're in a dressage competition the end of this month and it's gonna be interesting because since its Pony Club, they are all kids and he's no doubt going to be the biggest horse there. Seems like wherever we go, people want to come up and just touch him and marvel at his sheer bulk. Last time I went on a trail ride with our barn owner, she kept going on about how big his butt was!!! We joke that he's always saying "Does my saddle make my butt look big??" because all English saddles look tiny on him! My 12 yr. old daughter isn't the least bit afraid of him and he follows her around like a puppy :D

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