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LizzieE 07-29-2013 02:56 PM

Simple Jump Courses for my Greenie
I am doing some jump work with my green mare, and she is about ready to start putting the pieces together into a course. I was hoping to get some ideas for some simple courses for a green horse with 6-8 fences. We are going to our first schooling event in about a month and I'd like to prepare her by riding a lot of different patterns. Pictures or links are best, if you have them. I am always open for other ideas as well, though. Thanks all.

Liver 09-14-2013 01:23 PM

Just do simply that- simple jump courses. When my gelding was learning how to jump and put things together, we'd normally have a simple gymnastic for warm up, and then 6-7 stand alone cross rails and verticals that were in places that could be approached from multiple directions. This way it would be easy to make up a course off the top of your head and then school him through it one or two times, until he had the hang of it. Another thing we did is that we would sometimes go to a dollar store and get fake flowers and even cheap seasonal decorations to put under the jumps as filler or on the standards, to make it more 'scary'.

I don't have any pictures of courses, but I do have some of the jumps we made. (This was before I attacked the poles with spray paint)
Our 'fall' themed jump from a year ago

Green Caspian's reaction to said jump(You can see another simple one, as well as a log jump, in the background.)

So, yeah. Just set up jumps to be inviting and in areas where they can be approached from several directions, and you will be able to put together many different courses. Also, perhaps decorate them a bit to make them more interesting, but not scary. When you start off, only put two or three jumps together, and increase the amount from there. (: And a few more things, start with big, wide, long and simple turns with lots of space. See how she handles that and then build up from there. You can also trot jumps at first for warm up. Mainly focus on keeping things at a slower and relaxed, steady pace.

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