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tlkng1 07-29-2013 05:20 PM

Slipping Stifle
Hi All..I have another strong potential that is being vetted on Friday. The horse has been out of work for about 9 months due to owner's lack of time (standard story) and was just started back into more full work about 10 weeks ago...he was actually back in about 12 weeks but trainer did two weeks of groundwork before getting on him. On the first day I saw him he had some tripping and slipping going on so my trainer voiced a concern over a possible slipping stifle (she only has vids as she is out on maternity leave). Now, I went back two days later and rode again and the horse was MUCH improved with only one or two trips. The concern is the rt hind and two others, one GP and one PSG rider, both pinged on that side.

More info here is that first, the left hind shoe was ready to come off and was supposedly loose on the first day I rode him. Second, the arena has only been completed for two months..the footing, when we measured it, was 6" deep and very loose which I imagine could lead to slipping in just about any horse. The horse I am considering was also moving much freer on the second day so my natural thought was that they had hit him up with bute or some other painkiller..not enough to dull him out as the energy and some of his quirks were still well present but the transformation after two days was just.....suspicious.

Day 1: first look

Day 2: two days later:

While I am not denying the rt hind, what I am looking for is more input as to whether or not this could possibly be evidence of a slipping stifle. I cant find enough vid online to be able to identify as the vids I am finding are much more obvious.

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