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Cowgirls Boots 07-29-2013 09:17 PM

A few feeding questions.
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So as some know I may be getting a 13 year old 14.2-15hh AQHA gelding who is a fairly easy keep according to his owners. He's only getting a handful of grain right now with focus joint supplements.

Well I have a gelding with rotation and navicular who is fed Nutrenas Empower Balance ration balancer.

My current gelding gets-
1/2 pound balancer
3 oz triple crown omega max flax seed
30 isox pills
1/4 previcox

1/2 pound balancer
3 oz triple crown omega max
30 isox pills.

So ultimately my questions are
1. Should I just switch the new guy to the ration balancer? He will be on 60 acres (soon to be 15 acres) and during winter there's 3 round bale feeders and less then 8 horses in the field.
2. Should I not feed the new guy flax? I know it could possibly put him at higher risk for lameness. But I like how well it makes the coat, feet, skin, etc look. I also know its good for the joints. But not sure since he's a pony. I fed my 14.2hh mare the flax with no issues.
3. Since my current gelding is on meds 2x daily (I feed him PMs) I don't want his grain getting confused in the mornings with my new guys even though buckets are labeled. I know its ideal to feed 2x a day but would it hurt to feed the new guy at night just to insure my other gelding gets his meds in the AM? I would hate for the new guy to get my current geldings meds accidentally and get sick.

Thanks for any input :)
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ReubenJCogburn 07-31-2013 11:58 PM

I have a much simpler grain regimen because mine is mainly for the purpose of providing vitamins and mineral, but... I feed grain once per day. Ido t see any reason that you could not grain one horse once a day and one horse twice a day as long as you would be able to keep them separate at grain time.
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