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ScoutRacer 03-17-2009 11:13 AM

I "broke" my horse
If thats what you want to call it... My horse is a NSH his sire was 16.1 hands and his dam was 15.1 hands so I assume he'll be avg. height but who knows. He turned 2 yrs old on March 15th and I got on him on his birthday... The son of a gun could have cared less I was on his back. Although we had worked a lot with him putting the saddle on and the bit in his mouth. I didn't stay on him for long because he's not that big and I didn't want to stress his knees. The next day my girlfriend got on him and shes much lighter than I am and he was able to walk around more freely. My girlfriend broke her horse and 2 others and she said she can't believe how easy and laid back he is. I hope it continues to go this well... fingers are crossed.

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