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horsesense007 03-19-2009 11:57 AM

Horse on loan
I'm new to forum and somewhat to horses in general. Here is the deal my 8 yr old daughter has been riding since age 2. She is doing great and the pony she has been riding is getting too small. Some friends have a pony (14 hands) that their daughter doesn't ride anymore, but they don't want to sell. They are willing to board the horse at my sister-n-laws place (she has 10 other horses) we aren't setup for a horse at this point. So we will take care of food,shoeing and the like, daughter will ride the horse and s-n-l will have it at her place. The owners seem pretty easy going and just want the horse boarded until their daughter says yes to sell or whatever. No talk of money to be paid for the loan out of the horse or who's responsible for the acts of the horse or injury/death.

What I need to know about is liability insurance, I don't want the horse to break a leg, get sick, die and have the owners come looking for $5000 for the horse.
So I'm sure someone here has some ideas on the subject, contracts, insurance ect. If all works out we may buy the horse or at the end of the riding season it may go back to the owners who live about 4 hours away.
Also most of this (deal) is going through my S-N-Laws sister, she is also big into the horse scene with her 10yr old daughter and son.
Thanks for the time

rosie9r 03-19-2009 01:26 PM

First, you need the horse's owner to provide you with a full lease contract. The contract will state that you are boarding the horse at your sister in law's and that you are responsible for feed, farrier, vet, etc. You need to get in on paper because even though the owners seem easy going, it can turn nasty really quicky.

On the insurance, I use Markel Equine Insurance. I used it when I leased a horse and I use it now that I own one. You can secure liability insurance (in case the horse causes injury or damage to someone or property), mortality which pays out the worth of the horse if it dies, and major medical insurance which covers things that aren't routine...colic surgeries, accidents, etc.

I chose Markel because they were the most affordable I could find and they allow you to do a payment plan to pay off your premium. I think my premium for the year is around $400 and I have liability, medical, and mortality. They will ask for a copy of your lease contract and they will want a brief explanation of why the horse is worth what the owners think it is it has had, etc. If you end up buying the horse, then you just transfer the policy over to your name. Easy :)

Here is the email to the Markel broker I use, she is very nice and

I am sure she will answer any questions you have whether you use their insurance or not. :)

PM me if you have any other questions!

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