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Oliveren15 08-01-2013 11:21 PM

Myself, Oliver, And Our Lives <3
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Hello :D I've decided to start one of these member journals to keep track of the good, great, and not so great moments in the journey of my first horse ownership. If anyone wants to tag along in this, feel free! As I'd probably feel more motivated to do this if people were listening :wink:.

Got quite flustered today, Oliver's mounting problems are back again. Tried to keep calm and collected because I know he's still young and doesn't quite know what to do, but it's hard. But aside from him not standing to mount, he's been good. His ground manners are going well, as is his drive training. We've gotten to the point that I can ground drive him comfortably with minimal distractions, but its time to "up the anti" by doing maneuvers and poles and lovely things like that :twisted:

Picture :-P (cause I'm pretty sure its mandatory here :wink:)

Oliveren15 08-02-2013 02:11 PM

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I thought I should do a little description and write up about Oliver. So here goes!

Name: Oliver
Reg. name: Excellency
Height: about halfway between 16.3 and 17 hands
Age: He's just turned 5 a week before I got him.

I've had Ollie for just over 3 months. He is a gentle giant and we're doing pretty well so far :)
He's also an OTTB and had I think 5 starts and one win (I'd have to check the papers). He's now broke to ride English and western, and we're breaking to drive.
He has a few issues such as not standing to mount, and he's a little bit lazy sometimes. He was a bit spooky when I first got him and we're working through that, with tarps and umbrellas and things like that.
Also when I got him he was very skinny and had a horrendous clip job. He also lacked a topline and muscling. He's looking a better now but we still have a while to go.

Before is 1st pic

After is 2nd pic

Oliveren15 08-05-2013 12:42 PM


Yesterday I decided to work with some tarps on the ground while doing some in-hand obstacle courses, and Oliver took them no problem, I'm so proud of him and how much he's progressed since I got him. He was having a bit of a spooky day, it was windy and he was jumping around like the trees were going to grab him up and eat him. So I made the decision to call up my mom and ask her to bring me some tarps. She did and I let Ollie smell them and what does he do? He grabs one in his mouth , flings it up and spooks. Silly horse. so I balled them up and rubbed them on his neck and chest and sides, he took that fine, so I spread one open and layed it on the ground, he smelled it, looked at and put one hoof on it. then another, and then he stepped over it! I was so proud. That's when I ended the session cause I wanted it to end on a good note.

Oliveren15 08-06-2013 11:24 PM

I am just about at my wit's end! The place where I board had been driving me up the wall these last few days. I go there almost every day to see Oliver. The other day, I took it upon myself to clean the barn because it was a hot mess, and it was giving me real OCD issues. So I spent 4 hours cleaning the feed/tack room so that one could get through without falling over something, and I could actually find my grooming stuff. Ok. So I go about my business, grooming, and training with Ollie. Everything was fine that evening when I went home. I come back 2 days later and everything is completely messed up again. Gloves everywhere, brushes strewn everywhere, leads not on hooks, helmets haphazardly thrown all over the table, god it really got me angry. So, begrudgingly, I cleaned it again. Went about my business. I come back today and it was the same as before, it didn't even look like I'd cleaned it! This time I just didn't bother. I found my stuff, and went and worked with my horse. I don't even know. If anyone actually reads this, does anyone have any idea what I should do about this?

Oliveren15 08-09-2013 04:41 AM


So yesterday I went out to the barn and I was just sad so I decided not to ride or work, cause I just needed some Oliver and me time, no pressure.. so I decided to do an all inclusive groom and then went for a short walk in hand up the road. I came up with a new nickname for him, Sharky-B. I think its kinda cute and suits him :) Unfortunately I've been noticing lately he's been losing weight, which is weird because nothing has changed, I haven't been in any position to do any hard work or riding, so I guess I'll have to up his grain again or ask for him to get more hay separately from the other horses because I suspect the other horses there have been eating his grain and hay. Oh well.
As for me I haven't been feeling 100% as of late. Just generally downtrodden and having flare ups of my tics and anxiety :/ lovely, right? Oh well. Going to the fair/ horse show that I wanted to enter with Sharky-B today. That'll be fun.

Zexious 08-09-2013 06:45 AM

I only just joined the forums a few days ago, but I'll pop in and out. Ollie sounds like an absolute doll. <3

As far as cleaning the feed/other public areas at your barn... I would say don't worry about it. It may be frustrating, but it's not your responsibility if it's messy. More than that, I know that I get a little irritated when people touch my things at the barn.

I am in the process of moving and experienced a set back, but moved my horse from Colorado to Texas back in June. I'm currently here visiting for almost three weeks. Upon getting here his fly mask was missing (he is very sensitive to flies, especially around his eyes) and his leather halter had been replaced with a rope one.
One was just misplaced, and there was an explanation with the other. We were all good to go but, initially, I was a little annoyed...

Oliveren15 08-09-2013 01:36 PM

Hey Zexious, welcome to the forum! And yea, as much as it drives me crazy I think I'll just put my stuff in a big tub with a lock on it so I don't have to dig through the mess to find my stuff anymore, and no one will jack my stuff. I think I just wanted people to appreciate the fact that I'd cleaned it, and apparently no one did :/ And that really sucks about the items lost.. Did you find them? Thanks for reading :)

MsLady 08-09-2013 01:56 PM

Keep writing about your guy, I'm reading ☺
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Oliveren15 08-11-2013 01:28 AM

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It was a bad day. I took him out to groom him and he was spooking left right and center. I'm thinking more seriously about moving barns to a place with more facilities that I could make use of. I'm not sure what to do at this point. Just... don't know. I mean, I like how the barn I'm at is calm and relaxed, and I have my space, but It would be nice to have some friends at the barn, and not having children running amuck, and be able to ride despite the weather and train in a place with no distractions (ie. cows and children) and have the tools to progress in my riding. But I'm also an extreme introvert and probably would be scared to death the first few weeks of being at a new barn. I dunno. I also got a big container and have all my stuff except a halter and lead in it. I also bought a new halter and 2 sets of polos! :) I have pictures of him in the halter, polos to follow some day!

Oliveren15 08-13-2013 08:48 PM

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Son of a biscuit box! Oliver has lost 50 pounds! This as I am trying to fatten him up for winter... Now he needs over 100 # again. And the worst part is that he hasn't even been worked hard enough to lose that amount of weight in less than 2 months! So we've upped his grain and hay serving by 50%. This winter is going to suck if he continues on this path. Hard keepers, I tell ya! I think when it starts to get cooler here I'm gonna start adding warm feed and hay cube mashes to his diet. Like a small ration of feed and then a scoop of hay cubes (alfalfa) made into a warm mash. What do you think? And I'm going to have to double rug this winter too. YAY!
A picture of the fiend-

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