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vasLAKI 03-20-2009 12:22 PM

Toric horse.
The Toric Horse is used as a Light draught.
Height : 15 - 16 hh.
Colours : Bay, chestnut.
Identifying Features : Large head, strong long body, short legs, little feathering.
Comes from Estonia. From 1890 to 1950, this breed was developed in Estonia at the Tori stud. It was developed by crossing native Estonian mares with European halfbred stallions. Good natured horse. The Toric Horse breed has a high fertility ratio, with 86 foals per 100 mares.
They were grat work horses before. Now people mix toric with xx or hanoverian and the old toric is goind to die off.

I really want to know if anyone has Toric horse?? I have 2 of them and I really love them.
This is "old" Toric horse, which is goind to die out (about 200-300 left)
And this is "new" Toric. Not draft anymore. :-(

If anyone wants to buy Toric from Estonia, contact me!!

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