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jiffers328 03-20-2009 12:16 PM

Jiff with wings:hes watching over me:)
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i created this in my tech class:) ughh it made me cry..haha again.
i miss you my baby! rest in peace JIff! march 13 2009

acey 03-20-2009 05:00 PM

aww thats so sweet :)

CiscoKidd 03-20-2009 05:33 PM

that is so beautiful.
Rest in peace Jiff.

Mcfrumple 03-20-2009 07:59 PM

You should have that printted out on photo paper and frame it. It's beautiful. I'm sorry about your boy but he is in a painless safe place now.

reining girl 03-20-2009 11:06 PM

that is beautiful, im gonna cry again... that is a beautiful picture.

jiffers328 03-21-2009 12:07 AM

i want him back soo bad:( hes my everything..hes my goodboy..hes my baby, my life :(

SallyJane 03-21-2009 02:15 AM

Thats really sweet... Im sorry for your loss, again.

Tayz 03-21-2009 03:53 AM

Thats so sweet. I'm sorry for your loss

mysandi 03-21-2009 08:44 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. It is so very painful to lose our loves.

Barbarosa 03-21-2009 09:49 AM

I feel your pain little lady, it will get better. I loved your tribute picture. I'm sure Jiffers knows just how much he meant to you.

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