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free_sprtd 03-22-2009 12:55 AM

First time trailering w/ unknown horses???
So next week my cuz and I have plans to go about 5 minutes away to the county fairgrounds riding area to spend the day (free ride day). I have an arena at my barn but she doesn't, so its good for her to get out and get the horses excercised.

My dilemma:
*We will be using a 4 horse trailer and taking 3 horses (maybe 4). I do not have a trailer so they will be picking me and my horse up. WE are not sure if we should drop her horses off first, then come pick up my boy, or if we should try and load him with the other 2 horses in the front (center seperator) and him in back. About the horses:

My horse is a 3 yr old Mustang Green broke as of January. Mediocre at trailer LOADING, but fine once traveling. Never trailered with other horses. Not trailered very often. Not herd bound by any means, but interested and friendly.

Her horses:
Sierra is a early 4 yr old arab X that has been trailered and ridden since she was 2. She can get hot and obnoxious, but should be fine. She knows the horse that will be next to her.

Gelding QH (15 I think?). He has trailering issues, and gets nervous (history with bad trailering). Friendly.

So question is ..... should we drop the other horses off, or will it most likely be ok if they are in the front and the center divider, then my boy?

PaintHorseMares 03-22-2009 06:13 AM

It's probably impossible to know without trying, but if you're trying to load a young horse with a nervous horse already in the trailer, it may be more of a challange. I would certainly have the most experienced, calmest horse in the middle, and if you're only going 5 minutes away, I would expect that once loaded, they would be fine. Good luck.

free_sprtd 03-22-2009 09:39 AM

thanks! Ya i just wasn't sure if that was like an unwritten rule to never load a young horse in a trailer with unknown horses. I just wanted to cover all my bases. The way it's set up with the loading is like a square... i'ts a straightload not a slant, so 2 in front, center divider, 2 in back.

mls 03-23-2009 03:22 PM

Straight load or stock with a center divider?

free_sprtd 03-23-2009 08:27 PM

I posted above it's a straight load with a divider. I'm still kind of nervous about it and it turns out there will be 4 horses, so a broke, well mannered horse will be next to him.

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