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kershkova 03-22-2009 05:49 PM

dressage horse
My granda pa is working for this girl and her dad and she was going to be in the olypics for dressage but her horse broke it tendon. her horse was a war genereals horse from argentina. they took some of its bone maro and did ingections on its leg and it grew a new tendon it is in agentina for the winter so when its back i get to see it and she said i might get to ride him.

NorthernMama 03-23-2009 08:23 AM

The horse grew a new tendon?????

mls 03-23-2009 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by northernmama (Post 275335)
The horse grew a new tendon?????

I found that interesting too. :wink:

kershkova 03-23-2009 07:14 PM

yes they took some of its bone maro and injested it in its leg.

Spastic_Dove 03-23-2009 09:05 PM

This is what I found:

Another treatment proven to be successful is bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow from the horse’s sternum is extracted and then transplanted into the area of damage. Here again, the full mechanism of how this works is unknown, but it is believed that within the bone marrow are chemical and cell mediators that stimulate healing, including stem cells.
This leads us into another area of exciting treatment options: stem cell therapy. It is now possible to extract stem cells from a horse’s own fat, and then use those cells for healing. Stem cells are those that haven’t differentiated into any specific type ofcell yet: They still have the potential to become skin, bone, tendon, ligament, et cetera. It’s an exciting concept because it means these cells can be placed in damaged tissue, allowing the tissue to then regenerate.
Another therapy is IRAP (interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein). IRAP is a chemical mediator in the blood that stops the bad chemical mediators in the blood produced by inflammation from being able to do damage, and allows the good chemical mediators to work more effectively. Blood from the horse is taken and incubated on special glass beads which grow the IRAP. The IRAP is then harvested and injected into the injury site. Unfortunately, this therapy is not widely available yet, but that may change."


Never heard of it before.

NorthernMama 03-23-2009 09:14 PM

So, the horse "broke" a tendon (severed? tore?), they injected it with bone marrow and now it's basically OK.

WOW. I'm floored.

Any write up anywhere on this particular case? Surely, this must be documented. Very, VERY interesting. If we can do that with horses, we must able to do that with people too.

kershkova 03-25-2009 09:37 AM

i forgot what my grandppa said it cost. i belive it was around maybe higher then 10,000.

Xoras 03-28-2009 04:50 PM

I... don't think it's possible to break a tendon. O.o

Strain, maybe. Tear, possibly. But break? I don't think it's possible.

CJ82Sky 03-28-2009 05:32 PM

You would refer to a tendon as being torn, severed, or strained, not broken. The term broken usually applies to brittle/rigid items like a bone. As for bone marrow treatments, that sounds interesting, and for the specific horse - what was his name? I'm sure if he was going to go to the Olympics this would have been in the news and if not, the horse still should have had some sort of show record??? I'd be curious to hear what horse and rider this was.

ShowJumpLife 03-29-2009 06:36 AM

i used to ride a horse that tore itss.. err one of the tendons in the back leg and they used stem cell to reproduce tendon or something.. i dont know exactly but he is perefectly fine now :)

however in this case i smell bs.

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