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Wallaby 03-22-2009 07:29 PM

I had a really good ride yesterday...
Yesterday I went out to ride my lovely lady and we had such a great time! I don't think I've had that great of an experience in the entire time I've been working with Lacey. O.o So it started off with Lacey having been moved into a field of 2 acres or so with 5-6 other older horses (funny fact, the only 2 under 20's in that field, 5 and 12 years, are Lacey's new BFF's, silly girl she doesn't even like her own age group!) and since she was proud of her space she decided that she needed to canter around and around me, like I was free lunging her but not. Silly girl! I finally caught her by going up to another horse that was standing still and petting it so she'd get jealous and she did. Fast forward to when I was lunging her, she was being pretty good, still wanting to canter and canter and canter so I set up a really mini little jump thing for her to think about and she was having a grand time with it then she knocked it down so I unclipped her to fix it. As soon as I unclipped her she started cantering circles around me again and I was totally ignoring her, focused on the jump thing! After I fixed it I moved into the center of the arena to see what she'd do and she rearranged her circle so that I was still in the center and she was jumping the little jump all on her own. It was totally cute. It wasn't like she was just ignoring me either, if I turned my back she'd come right in and stop right next to me like I've been training her to. It was totally cute. Then I decided to ride a little bit and she really wanted to GO! So we worked on backing up since she's been having issues with that and she did well so as a reward I let her canter. That may not seem like an accomplishment to anybody else but it is to me since I'm marginally afraid of cantering (I've been bucked around, almost fallen on at the canter) and becuase Lacey is kinda a psychotic horse so I don't really trust her to canter yet. But anyway, so the first time she zoomed right into it and I kinda got left behind (lame I know, to get left behind cantering) so I was all over the place on her back. And she decided that that was the time to try to bolt. =/ But I held on and got her back and then we went back to backing up because she was pretty excited. When she calmed down I figured I should ask her to canter again becuase I don't want to be freaked out about cantering her. And she did amazingly. I got myself all centered and good before I asked her so I didn't do anything lame again and she was great! I think all she really needs is my trust and then we'll have gotten somewhere because whenever I just trust her to do the right thing she does! I think I'm really starting to like her. Yay for good horses, even psycho ones. And sorry for the giant paragraph, this site is for some reason blocked on my computer so I can't get on it unless I go through a proxy site and the proxy site messes up the paragraphs and stuff.

Jubilee Rose 03-22-2009 11:24 PM

Yay, congrats for progress!! :D

*Have you tried doing lots of circles and serpentines to slow her pace down? Lots of groundwork would definitely help as well.

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