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LexyBlake 08-04-2013 01:09 PM

Judge my eq.
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I would like feedback on my eq and tips to fix what I need to!:-)

binkac 08-05-2013 03:36 PM

Hi there! So for starters Im not a trainer and I don't show anymore. And I am very old school in my old age. LOL! I think your eq is very good. I see three things, two of which are minor.
1) I like your leg!!! - but wonder if you can sink a little more into your heels, but I love how your leg has stayed at the girth. I don't see any signs of gripping with the knee and swinging back. Also your seat looks to be good out of the saddle - not jumping ahead or falling behind.
2) It looks like your horse is a hair deep to the fence (maybe 6 inches from optimum takeoff). I would want to see the center of his arch to be over the center of the jump - from the camera angle he looks a little bit past that center mark. Not a big deal
3) This is where my old school is - release! Others may disagree with me, as this is a good crest release, but I believe the hand should follow bit and not rest on the crest. I think your leg is solid enough to learn the automatic release. This may also help your horse use his neck better.
This is just my opinion, and you have lovely equitation! keep it up :)

countercanter 08-08-2013 06:36 PM

I think you look great. You have a flat back, you are with your horse's motion, and are centered over your saddle. You are executing a proper crest release. I disagree with dropping you heels more. They are down and relaxed and you have a strong leg. Too many riders try shoving their heels down and it makes for a rigid leg.

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