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kershkova 03-23-2009 07:38 PM

show stuff
ok so this will be my first full show seson with outlaw i only whent to like 5 shows with him last year because i got him in augast. so i whant to make sure i have every thing for him. i show wp that includes trail,showmanship,horsemanship,and halter. im also going to do some games with him. i`ve ridden wp for quite a while but last year thouse few shows with outlaw were my first wp shows. i did gameing when i was leseing champ.

i have:
show halter and lead
rope halter for bathing
padded lami cell halter for trailering
ortopitic pad for under show pad
2 slinky`s
tail bag
cross ties
polo wraps
lunge line
show pad
hay net
new gaming tack bridle and brest plate

StormyBlues 03-23-2009 09:22 PM

Duck tape
Stall Gaurd
bathing things
show grooming kit(dirty brushes that are used everyday arn't fun to clean for shows)
chap stick
extra girth and reins
fly mask
braiding bands
hay net
water bucket
extra lead rope and halter in trailer
sun screen, baseball cap, and sunglasses
wound clenser
vet wrap
wrapping cotton
laytex gloves
fly spray
show sheen
hoof polish

kershkova 03-25-2009 09:30 AM

i forgot to put all the grooming stable stuff sily me i have all that exept a stall gaurd i only go to a few over night shows sense outlaw is just getting use to showing he is only 5. i ws justing making sure i had all my wp tack. I did gaming with the 28 year old horse the i lessed at my barn.

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