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wild_spot 03-23-2009 11:35 PM

Washing a horse that is allergic to shampoo!
Ok, I have a show this Sunday. I need Bundy to be looking Schmick :]

BUT, the kast tow times I ahve wahsed him, he has acted very out of character afterwards while drying. Acting agitated, jumpy, running/humping when pushed out onto a circle. He is normally very placid and laid back on the ground. It makes me think that he may be allergic/have a reaction to the shampoo. I do always make sure to rinse him off thoroughly.

I was thinking about maybe just hosing him them dressing him in diluted mayonnaise for an hour or so (A lot of hackies use it as a coat treatment here) But not sure if that would be a good idea as he would probably still have a lot of dust deep in his coat...

So, i'm wondering do any of you guys have any tips? Organic/anti-allergant shampoo's, Non chemical shampoo alternatives, etc...

Miss Katie 03-24-2009 12:01 AM

Palmolive with Aloe (the purple stuff) dish detergant.

Skippy! 03-24-2009 12:04 AM

What exactly in the shampoo is he allergic to? Maybe you're lucky and its just the fragrance of somethin' ^^

We have something in the states called "Orvus" and its just a basic super basic Shampoo. No fragrance, No color. Its just the important part of the shampoo (durr.. i forget the main ingredient, lol!)

Does he get hives/bumps from it? Thats also a dead give away of allergies.. I think he'd get those if he was having an allergic reaction... do you think he is just antsy from getting a bath? Maybe from having to stand still for so long? My star pupil, Dreamer, after 30 minutes of bathing i turned around and saw him with his grimey little hoofie out in the air as if he was motioning to paw!! D: And he is normally such a nice guy! LOL!

Maybe he is just anxious and excited about Show Season getting pumped up or something. Baths remind him of showing, and showing gets him excited. Its convoluted, but it might just be true! LOL!

Sometimes my horse's get frisky (particularly Rain) after a good bath because it feels so good in the hot weather to get a nice cool bath. So they act "fresh" and get jiggy on the lead, and do things that they KNOW better than to do ;) Just because they feed like a million bucks!

I hope i offered some fresh perspectives!

wild_spot 03-24-2009 12:27 AM

Thanks Skippy :]

I'm not sure really... I have been using champion tails shampoo and conditioner, and then showsheen while he is drying. It could be any one ingredient of any of that! Ugh!

He doesn't get hives or bumps... He is a very lazy horse most of the tinme, just stands like he is falling asleep... So I tend to think it isn't just being ansty from the bath. I often hose him after rides in summer, although true that doesn't take as long. After a bath with shampoo he will be fidgeting so I send him out to the end of the leadrope, and he will rear (small) canter around and hump like he is going to buck... It just seems like a lot of energy from my lazy boy, lol!

I think also if he associated baths with showing he would be cranky... He thinks shows are a huge wast of his precious energy, lol!

I might look into a 'basic' shampoo... I'm headed to horseland tonight to see what they have on offer. Could I use a non-allergenic human shampoo do you think?

Skippy! 03-24-2009 12:50 AM

LOL! Huge waste of energy! Joey thinks the same thing about riding :p He'd much rather be asserting dominance over the other horses, LOL! Riding makes him too tired to be a grump :p

And i forgot you're in Australia, its nearly 1:00 in the AM here on the East Coast of the US and you were talking about running to the store, I was like "WOW.. i wish WE had a 24 hour horse store!" lol!

Be sure to let us know if the different shampoo does the trick! I look forward to seeing other people's input on this thread =)

Horses... natures rubiks cube :p Just when you think you have a problem worked out, the solution comes way out of left field, LOL!

ShowJumpLife 03-24-2009 04:06 AM

i dont know if you can get if over tehre but in nz we can get a shampoo called naturally equine lavender concentrate. it wwas the only stuff i could use on y old sensitive tb without hi breaking out in hives,, and its only $2 for a bottle and you use about 10mls in a bucket per wash cause it is a concentrate.

wild_spot 03-24-2009 05:41 AM

I couldnt see that in the shop, Showjumplife, but thanks. It might be in saddleworld.

I bought a different shampoo formulated for dry/sensitive skin... That was really all they had. If it doesn't work this saturday, I will maybe try a natural/organic human shampoo...

toosleepy 03-24-2009 11:19 AM

i use tresseme human shampoo. you might try an oatmeal base shampoo. its supposed to be good for allergic conditions. My dog has tons of allergies and i use pantene human shampoo on him. Maybe try just doing a part of his body to test it out, if he's ok then do more next time. if he does have a RXN then try a different one.

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