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fkcb1988 08-04-2013 06:44 PM

*What do you think about Heritage Senior Horse Feed??*
Can any of yall look at this label and tell me what you think of it? Is this a good quality feed? Let me know all you can please! :)

Big V Feeds

fkcb1988 08-06-2013 10:00 PM

20 something views and no comments :( Ive looked into labels and what you want the first ingredients to be but I'm no pro at nutrition. I know there's some well qualified people who can help me out. I know fiber should come before starches or something like that....right?

spirit88 08-07-2013 12:44 PM

Looks like an ok feed i wouldnt use it have to feed way to much to meet horses vit/min requirements. 10 to 12 lbs is alot of feed. If you have an easy keeper that would be a huge issue feeding that much feed.

Id look into a ration balancer only have to feed a 1 pound some if working hard need up to 3 pounds. But far better then 10 to 12 pounds a day. Triple crown has a ration balancer. If your horse is skinny triple crown sernior works wonders and horses love the feed.

I just bought 10 bags of TC senior have a horse whos very skinny and needs weight like 150 to 200 pounds he needs to gain. TC senior will put that back on pretty quick. Forage should be the main part of horses diet.Perferable acess to hay or pasture 24/7 is best.Most horses not working can get by on hay or pasture with a vit/min added to cover whats missing.

fkcb1988 08-07-2013 05:47 PM

Thank you so much for answering!

The horse is 28 yrs old and has been on this feed for at least the last 7 years and was doing fine weight wise but now looks kind of bad. Hes not too terribly skinny at the present time but this past winter looked really malnourished. Now that you mentioned the amount he would need to be fed to get all the nutrition out of it makes sense why he has started going down hill. He has been only getting 1 3 quart scoop of it once a day with 24/7 pasture. I grabbed a scoop of his feed yesterday and put it in a Walmart bag so I can go weigh it at the store so I know how many pounds that is. He used to be on Equine Senior but I think he didnt like it.

I'm going to be caring for him from now on and I want to get him looking good again and to get the proper nutrition. Im going to have his teeth checked to make sure they are ok. Im pretty sure they are good and don't need to be floated.

My next question would be how do you switch feeds without causing probems? Hes always been very prone to colic.

spirit88 08-07-2013 06:05 PM

To make the switch keep enough old feed so you can just add like a pound of new feed with it. Or only do a half pound of new if he's prone to colick. Do the switch slowly over a ten day period. He shouldn't colic if done slowly.

At 28 you will have to feed recomended amount if hes on the thin side. Could also add alfalfa pellets to his diet but id soak them before feeding probley wouldn't hurt to soak his feed any way. Any feed changes should be done over a 7 to 10 day period. Just keep adding a litlle more of new feed every other day or so then take out that much of old feed till he switched to all new feed. If you soak it it doesn't have to be soupy just enough to make pellets soft and easy chewing for the old guy.

Hope this helps you. And your welcome..... spirit88

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