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Miss Katie 03-24-2009 09:10 AM

Hooves and legs
I need a critique on how my horses hooves are looking. I trim them myself and would like to know if Im on the right track, and if Im not, what I need to do to improve.
Chloe has always had problems with seedy toe. Its not severe, and it comes and goes (usually clears up during dry weather). But it will always come back, and so I am worried it is caused by the hooves not being properly ballanced. And recently Nudge has developed a crack in one of his front hooves. They are not spreading anymore as we are having a dry spell and Im also treating them with disolved epsom salts to flush out the dirt and little rocks and kill any bacteria that may be there.
Little Moey has them too, although much more severe, and has had the problem for a long time prior to when I started trimming him.
Im looking for advice from people with actual experience in the area.

I know the pics arent the best, but it was all I could do at that time of nite.

Clo bears fronts.

Nudge's fronts
Hinds left
Hinds right


kitten_Val 03-24-2009 10:05 AM

How about the bottom part? I trimmed myself too for over a year (because my horses had lots of trust issues, so took a while for them to be OK with people), and I had problems to do the correct balancing (on bottom part).

The first one looks nice, but second one looks like it's little too long on toe (but it's dark too, so may be just the pic).

Miss Katie 03-30-2009 11:28 AM


I dont have pics of the bottoms as it was getting to dark and the trimming was more important than the pictures. I had to do my pony as well. I didnt get fotos of his. They are aweful, have been for long before I took over.

Anyone else with advice?? Id love to have someone qualified come out and give them a decent trim, and give me some tips, but educated barefoot farriers are none existant around here. So if anyone knows of someone on the darling downs, or Brisbane/ Sunny Coast areas, who are willing to travel 3 hrs to do 3 trims, let me know.

NorthernMama 03-30-2009 09:33 PM

Comment on seedy toe – generally I take the wall back to the white line until this issue is resolved.

Please remember I am posting these comments without seeing the SOLE and the back. Limited comments that must be taken with a grain of salt, OK?

First pic:
Near foot – toe could have been backed up more. Looks like heel needs to come back as well.
2nd pic – I would have come back a tidge more here on the toes as well;

3rd and 4th pics – you have much more work to do here.. I hope Barefoothooves looks at this pic because I think there is more going on here than just the trim. The hoof is definitely stretched forward – toe back more and heel way back more. This one is trickier and I would love to see better pics on this guy. I think BFH would also before she would comment. If you have pics of what you started out with, that might help too.

5th and 6th – I think these look OK, but it’s hard to see completely.

So, in general, I think you can come back on the toes more. Heels maybe and probably more work in the quarters and more of a roll, but it's awfully hard to tell without more pics from the bottom. Use the internet as a resource and print out photos you take of the horses feet -- draw lines on them to "see" better. That helped me alot and still does. Look at the soles and draw lines there too.

Good luck and keep posting! I am nowhere near an expert, but Barefoothooves is terrific and lots of us will guide you as best we can. It's not the same and never as good as being there, but its something!

Look on the 'net for barefoot trimmers / discussion boards, etc... you will probably be able to find someone who will host a clinic if you can gather up 10 people or so. Or try to group up with other owners that want to be barefoot. Maybe you can get someone out that will do 10 or 15 horses instead of 3??

Miss Katie 03-30-2009 11:29 PM

Ok thanks. Can you explain what you mean by backing up the toe and going back more on the toe.

I'll get better pictures next time I trim, and get some of the soles as well.

This was what I started with with Nudgie.

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