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Irish Wake 08-04-2013 10:38 PM

Need Opinions on my Feeding Program
I brought my 16.2 1100 lb horse up to a good weight when I first got him by feeding him

Legends Performance Pelleted 10 lbs per day
Legends Omega Plus 4 lbs per day
Split evenly into a morning and evening feed

He is on pasture 24/7 with free choice hay

I've been trail riding him hard every weekend and he started dropping weight so I put him back on the above program
He has been on it for three weeks now with no riding and is gaining his weight back nicely.

I'm going to start back trail riding him again this weekend.

What do you guys think of the program I have him on?

Brighteyes 08-04-2013 11:30 PM

The only problem I see is that I wish you could split it up into three feedings instead of two. When you feed large amounts of grain, it goes a longer way if it's spread out more. I know that may be unrealistic, however.

With the large amount of fat you're feeding, I would start on a vitamin E supplement.

Otherwise, seems like a nice program. Very similar to what I feed my hard keeper mare (I love Legends), and it put weight back on her in just a couple weeks. :wink: Keep track of his progress with a weight tape. You should have a steady gain of up to one pound a day. One pound a day of weight gain is the most that is recommended. If he is gaining more, feed less grain. It won't hurt him to gain more slowly as long as it's steady.

You can keep riding him lightly while he's gaining weight. Good for muscles.

What is his body score right now? What was it when you got him?

verona1016 08-05-2013 02:33 PM

That does seem like a lot of feed. As Brighteyes said, it would be beneficial to break that up into at least 3 feedings per day.

I couldn't find the ingredient list or feeding recommendation for those feeds, but they seem like they're probably decent quality.

How's the quality of the pasture, and what type of hay are you feeding? It might be worthwhile to feed a higher energy hay (like orchard grass or alfalfa, or just a different cutting of what you can find easily) to allow you to cut back on the grain.

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