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EmilyJoy 08-07-2013 10:02 AM

Please Critique Queenie's Conformation & Pedigree
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Here is Queenie, she is a 2yr old Quarter horse mare, and I would guess about 14hh. I do realize she needs more weight and her hooves trimmed, any comments good or bad on her conformation? I would also like you to view her pedigree and tell me what you think she'd be good at, considering her confo.Heels Freckle Queen Quarter Horse

Also anybody want to weigh in how much weight she needs to put on? I realize growing horses shouldn't be fat, but she is underweight in my opinion (lowest of the pecking order, and was getting pushed out).

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EmilyJoy 08-07-2013 01:23 PM

Bumping this up. :)

EmilyJoy 08-07-2013 04:51 PM


Lopin N Paint 08-07-2013 08:02 PM

I really like this little girl, however to me she is the perfect example of a young horse that really needs wait till year 3 or 4 to really start working her and putting her under saddle. She is verY immature yet and resembles a yearlng... riding her now would be a darn shame, I think if you give her another year or two she will look like a different horse. JMO.

Skyseternalangel 08-07-2013 08:12 PM

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I know nothing about Pedigree but her confo will change as she matures. Right now she's very front-heavy but pretty nice shoulder and eventually we hope she'll be able to level out a little more. Pretty nice hip, not too long of a back. It will strengthen once she begins to really work her topline and track up more in the back (her trotting picture shows lack of thrust from behind)

But she's very cute and will be a nice mare when she's older.

What are your plans for her?

I think you need to aim to get some padding over her ribs and for her hips to be less defined. I can't put a # on how much, but you may want to bring her in to feed her so she can get enough to eat.

EmilyJoy 08-07-2013 10:09 PM

You can not believe how calm she is, I hope she'll make a good mount when she matures.

I don't plan on riding her this year as her knees REALLY are still "open" and so I'm hoping she will mature to 15 hh. Anyone else think she will? I do hope, though, to saddle her this year and just let her wear it in the pasture etc. so that won't be a problem when the time comes to ride her.

How are her legs? Hocks/canon bones/pasterns.

What disciplines do you think will be best for her? I do see her having an interest in herding animals and was curious if that was strong in her bloodlines.

tinyliny 08-07-2013 10:20 PM

I, too , think she looks very immature. I am terrible about making good assessments of horses that aren't mature yet. she looks like she has long canons, like she's all legs at this point.

Elana 08-08-2013 08:11 AM

In these pictures she looks to be a "short" two years old. As in Two off (or barely two.. or even coming 2). The reason I say this aside from her over all immature appearance is the length of her tail.. looks closer to 18 months old than 24 months old.

That being said there are some things that can be critiques at this young age. There is a saying "Tops may come but bottoms never." This means the legs are the legs and won't change much as the horse matures. In these photos this filly looks to have adequate bone but she is slightly tied in at the knee. Her hind leg looks to have correct angles although she might be slightly sickle hocked (hard to tell here). Her hocks are quite far off the ground and her knees are much lower than her hocks so even if the levels up, she may travel and work down hill.

As for her body.. and this may change.. she looks to be developing a p[igeon breast. I anticipate her point of shoulder will be placed a bit low and her shoulder will steepen with maturity. She looks a bit weak and long through the coupling and may be developing a steepish croup.

Her neck ties in nicely to adequate.. somewhat immature.. withers and does not currently appear to tie in too low to the chest.

Over all I like the look of this filly at this age. She has no overwhelming issues with conformation and she fits together well.

And then, to add to that, she has a lovely flaxen mane and tail with a deep sorrel color ("toasted sorrel" is the term I believe I have heard). I really like that color combination.

Nice filly. Post photos of her this time next year with these. It should be very interesting and you will see if I am right or way wrong (oh yeah.. I have been.. LOL) on what I think will happen as she matures.

EmilyJoy 08-08-2013 09:43 AM

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Hmm, any reason why she looks so immature? Is it just because she is a slow growing one, or maybe needs more feeding of some sorts?

She was born May 20th 2011.

So what is a pigeon breast and what does it affect later on? In any of the conformation, is there any way to help it grow stronger? Maybe ponying over hills or something?

Oh and the tail thing, she was standing near the newly weaned bottle calf pen getting licked/sucked while some of the others were sucking/chewing her tail, and it wasn't just her, Red the other Quarter horse had the same thing happen. Flicka doesn't stand such foolishness and her tail is quite long yet!

Here are some pictures I found that her breeder took of her, I wish I could have seen her sire&dam's confo. shots...Oh well.

Attachment 250513

Attachment 250521

Attachment 250529

Attachment 250537

Attachment 250545

Attachment 250553

Queenie's sire,

Attachment 250561

Queenie last year,

Attachment 250569

Elana 08-08-2013 10:14 AM

She just needs to be fed and grow. A conformation critique is just that... takes the flaws and the good parts. There is no perfect horse.

Her knees and hocks aren't closed and really she is a short two year old being slightly 2 months past her 2 year old birthday. Just feed her good hay, good clean water, free choice mineral block, keep her worming up to date and vaccinations and find a ration balancer (grain). Let her grow.. do some ground work with her and next spring I expect you will see a different horse far more ready to take on saddling and training to be ridden.

Meanwhile you can do things like ground driving, long lining, getting her used to a saddle and a bridle.. all the "stuff" that leads to riding. Take a bit of time now and next spring it will smoothly go forward when you start backing her.

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