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xpyrrohs 03-27-2009 08:34 PM

Show clothes
So i bought this helmet brand new almost four years ago and it's too big! I've worn it once in a show and i had to switch halfway through because i couldn't see xD so i'm selling it. you guys get the first chance to buy it ;] 'cause your just that awesome. i have some pictures i took of it.
it does have one slight blemish that i'm sure you could fix easily. the box had turned over and was laying on its side for like, 3 years, so there is a spot at the top where the fuzziness is flat. you can't see it when showing, so its not a big deal. I'm sure you could just either "fluff" it back up or put boot polish/shine stuff on it.
anyways: there are the pictures. it was originally placed at $89.99(plus tax=$95.00) and I'll take $30.00(plus shipping) for it.
I also have a show coat and shirt that no longer fit! the shirt is pink and a size 40 and a black, pink and blue pinstriped 3-button show coat size 20. i don't have the measurements for the jacket or shirt, if you want them, pm me. they're new, never worn them except in the dressing room at the store... 4 years ago -.- the brand on the shirt is Stigma and the coat brand is Devon-Aire, so you can look up the size range if you want. the coat was originally like, $110.00 and the shirt was around $30-$40. i'll take $75 for both or $55 for the jacket and $25 for the shirt.

PM me or email at

qbaby 03-28-2009 10:25 AM

There is a great new website that I know is looking for english stuff to consign you might want to check them out. it just opened up about a week ago and they sell used show clothes and tack.

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