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BarrelRacingLvr 08-07-2013 10:55 PM

Using Iodine on Feet
So my gelding has crappy feet (brittle, cracky, just bad) and have been told by 4 people now to put Iodine on his feet. So a couple questions for those who have used Iodine on feet...

Do you put it on the outside only (was told by a couple to paint it just on the outside of the foot), or also the bottoms of the feet.

How often do you apply it? Once a day/twice a day, every other day, once a week?

loosie 08-08-2013 03:54 AM

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I wouldn't advise chronic use of iodine on hooves generally at all & not on walls either. If your horse has brittle, cracking feet, then you need more than a bit of iodine, starting with a good farrier & good diet/nutrition.

As there's no shortage of opinions, many that are conflicting & ill informed, even amongst those who work on horses/hooves, I also suggest you start educating yourself, so you have a better idea what's what.

If you would like more info/opinions from us mob, you can post hoof pics & more info on management, diet, etc. hope that helps.
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Cowgirls Boots 08-08-2013 05:36 AM

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My gelding has backwards shoes on for his navicular which causes his toe (that isn't covered by a shoe) to crack and it ends up looking like he might get white line.

Usually I pick all 4 feet especially the white line and apply iodine to the white line.

Lately I've been refraining from it to give his feet a break. But, I was doing it religiously for a few weeks.
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CandyCanes 08-08-2013 07:12 AM

I usually only apply iodine for things like thrush... Which it's perfect for.
I think if you provide pictures, we will be able to help you more :)

loosie 08-08-2013 08:12 AM

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Originally Posted by Cowgirls Boots (Post 3291097)
My gelding has backwards shoes on for his navicular which causes his toe (that isn't covered by a shoe) to crack...

8-0 one more eg of what I was on about...
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BarrelRacingLvr 08-08-2013 10:48 AM

Here is a little more info...

For grain he is on 1 scoop Sweet Feed, 1/2 scoop Omolene 400 and grass/alfalfa hay. I have weighed my grain but can't remember at the moment what the weights were.

No it has nothing to do with the grains I am feeding...he has always had really bad feet. And they are not always brittle, but just nothing to them. When gets re-shod...the shoe never cleanly comes off, there is always a small chunk of hoof that comes off with the shoes. Also we have had about 5 farriers throughout his life (we have raised him) and his feet have been like that for all of them.

Also it is only really his front feet....his hind feet are not as bad. And ANY water screws with his feet and they are even worse now because we had alot of rain in the end of June. And he was only at 3 weeks with those shoes and they were loose because his feet pancaked and crack out over the shoe (none of the other horses feet did that) so we have really babied his feet trying to keep them good because there was really nothing TO trim off and had to squeeze the shoes on. They also have no gray area...they are either too dry or too soft and moist and both they just crumble.

So he is in a drylot 24/7 because any time on pasture and his feet just get even worse. He has hay in front of him most of the day, has salt/mineral/selenium blocks, also has a vitamin/mineral tub.

BlueSpark 08-08-2013 10:53 AM

Flax, flax and more flax. In my experience, no topical application of anything will do much good. We have a few horses(BO retrains OTTB's) that have iffy feet. good farrier work and flax make a world of difference.

Cynical25 08-08-2013 10:56 AM

Huh. My farrier recommended iodine to DRY OUT my horses' feet, since they were super sensitive and soft...

spirit88 08-08-2013 11:13 AM

The sweet feed is junk sorry that diet isn't going to help hoof health. Ditch the sweet feed better choices out there then sweet feed.

COWCHICK77 08-08-2013 11:21 AM

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I am no foot expert but we have a horse with the same issue.

I have found that a hoof supplement has helped tremendously! I have used both Horseshoers Secret and the one by SmartPak(I can't remember the name). My husband(who used to be a farrier by trade, and shoes our horses) couldn't believe the difference it had made. And he has owned that horse for 7 years.
Same as you, the moisture from the pasture, we lived in east TX in the humidity and the pasture ran down into a lake, so her hooves would turn into mush and break off and wouldn't hold a shoe.
And then we moved back to NV, we have no pasture and it is very dry here, then the opposite problem- too dry and brittle.
In both situations having the right nutrition has made a world of difference.
I am also not a horse nutrition expert but the supplement helped. Also since our horses are dry lotted, despite having excellent hay I do feed a loose vitamin/mineral mix formulated for this area and for horses that do not get fresh green grass.

But in the mean time of waiting for the new supplemented healthy hoof to grow out enough to tack a shoe to I love the Keratex Hoof Hardener. I am not a fan of painting stuff onto feet to magically make them better, but I do think it helps some.

So take it for what it's worth, like I said I am no expert in either category feet or nutrition but there are folks on here that are.

Good Luck!

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