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Angel_Leaguer 03-30-2009 02:31 PM

I got April got in the Trailer... but she was NOT happy
So this weekend I spent time learning to back my new gn trailer (im used to a bumper pull)... while im not comfy doing it yet i did learn quite a bit. And then I worked with April and getting into the trailer.

So I brought her up to it and she pretty much jumped right in. I gave her a reward of a handful of grain and shut the divider and let her stand (it is a 3 horse slant). She was pretty good about it and had her head out the window. I decided to take her around the block so she got used to it. When we got back into the yard she was a little agiatated but dealing with it. I took her out of the trailer and brushed her and did some groundwork and then asked her to go back into the trailer, NO WAY was her answer. I then lunged her outside of it so that she wasnt scared of it... and my non-horsey BF wanted to try and amazingly within 5 minutes she gave into him and rushed in (I still can't explain that one... he was pulling and she was pulling and finally she just gave in, i dont get it)

But once she was in again she started kicking, and pawing. I opened up the window so that she could stick her head out and she was trying to bite anything she could. I got in to the stall next to her and just calmly talked to her and touched her. It seemed to help. Once she calmed I backed her out and then went into the arena and lunged her for about 20 minutes. I walked her back to the trailer and she paused for a sec and then jumped in. This time I didnt shut the divided but instead let her stand for a minute or two and backed her out, asked her to come back in and she did. I did this about 3 more times and then called it good for the day.

So how do I go about breaking her of pawing and kicking while in the trailer? She never did this in the stock trailer... and do you think it would be too much to ask her to get into the trailer everytime I work with her? Ive always had horses that were good about hauling... I think she just likes to test me!!!!

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