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ReubenJCogburn 08-09-2013 12:42 PM

Reuben's Training Progress
Reuben J Cogburn

Current conformational information:
14.2HH (estimated)
long pasterns, roach back, downhill, toed out in front (esp. right), good shoulder angle and neck tie in

Training to date:
yielding to pressure with halter and lead
yielding to touch pressure at poll and lowering head for halter
yielding to touch pressure to move hind or forequarters
free lunging with changes of direction and halt
basic lunging on line at walk and trot
respecting personal space with body cues or lead rope shaking
trailering with a companion and backing out of trailer
standing for farrier work
standing tied
standing while free
voice commands of walk, trot, stand, whoa, back, good
standing while being hosed down
clipper introduction
standing to spook
standing for grooming
standing for sheath cleaning

He has a basic understanding of the above, so these and other small things will be the focus for a while.

Long term goals:
1yr - mastery of the above plus any other basics for good ground manners or skills that will carry over into the next levels of training.

2 yr - regularly review 1st year training; lunging on line with balance and rhythm (with cavesson and surcingle); saddling; bridling; working on long line and trail walking using long line

3 yr - **Buy horse trailer** regularly review 1st year training; start under saddle; work toward mastery of all basic maneuvers at the walk. Work toward balance, flexing, and rhythm at the walk. Once walk is solid, introduce trot. Also work on rider position for best response. Enter walk trot classes at first horse shows.

4 yr - regularly review 1st year training; work toward mastery of basic maneuvers at the trot. Work on rider position for best response. Enter first competitive trail ride in the junior horse, single day. Enter green horse classes at horse shows.

5 yr - regularly review 1st year training; work toward mastery of basic maneuvers at the canter. Work on rider position for best response. Enter two day competitive pleasure division of competitive trail ride. Ride green horse classes at horse shows.

6 yr - start working with outside trainers on discipline specific skills. Continue shows and competitive trail.

Plans for next training sessions:
standing tied
sheath cleaning
standing for farrier work
responding to voice cues
forehand and hindquarter pressure yielding
expanding trail experiences in hand

ReubenJCogburn 08-17-2013 11:44 PM

We accomplished the actual sheath cleaning last week and he stood well until I had to rinse. I used the hose, which was cold so I have a bar time blaming him.

Today, my farrier came out and worked with me some more about how to keep his feet rasped. I've rasped his hooves once a week or two weeks and my farrier was happy with how thy we're looking. Reuben stood, unrestrained while I did all four feet. He got a bit off balance up front and tried to pull his leg free a couple times, but otherwise stood quietly.

The vet came for a check up on Monday. She said he looks great and to watch his joints for fluid and swelling because he's going to be growing so much. She also gve him am adjustment. It scared him at first, but he stood quietly- I had to remind him to 'stand' a few times.

Today I gave him wormer for the first time (with me). He got his head into the air a bit high. Next time I'll insist that he lower his head more.

I've got him dropping his nose into the halter when I take him out. He's also standing tied and alone for up to 30 minutes ( i keep him in eye shot)

I've been working with him on hosing down. I've got him to where he will stand with the water running on him, but it still takes little steps to get him all the way hosed. (Hose an area for a short time, when he's standing quietly, stop and praise. Do that until I've hosed every section thoroughly). I will need to keep working on this for him to stand quietly for a complete hosing.

I need to continue to work on voice commands, arm cues, and push/pull pressure yielding more. I also need to work on him picking up his feet more readily (he takes pretty form cueing for this still).

I would like to run the clippers over him soon and maybe even do a little clipping for the first time.
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