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xx chico 03-31-2009 09:21 AM

Frog Swelling?
First off, I would just like to say that I unfortunately have very little knowledge when it comes to horse feet :oops:

Anyways, I went away for a little while and my parents were looking after the horses. I had to write a list out of stuff to do but I never thought of putting, call farrier lol.

So my horses feet are a little long (I don't know if that even matters for this), and their frogs need to be trimmed or cut down (whatever it's called lol). But their frogs have swollen alot.
I'm assuming it's mainly because of all the rain and crappy weather we've had, and when we put them out on nice days, it doesn't matter because the ground is still always soaked in some places of their field (and ofcourse they always stand by the worst part).
Also the crevasses beside the frog seem to be getting quite deep, and wide :shock:
Which for two of the ponies I have is not their usual. For the other horse I have, his are usually kind deep and wide, but not like they are now.

They don't really have a smell, but if they do smell like anything they smell kinda swampy? I was thinking of going to pick up some anti-fungal soap and maybe "wash" their feet and legs with that. I don't think it's thrush because, (I think) it's called the heel part is normal, there isn't any crack in the middle of it.

Is this normal? Is there anything I can do so there feet will dry out a little bit? Or am I just overreacting? (I tend do to that alot)

Sorry I don't have any pictures. I'm not even at home now (uggghhh!!!), and yes don't worry I will be calling the farrier to come out as soon as I get home! :wink:

barefoothooves 03-31-2009 10:20 AM

First, they probably do need a trim for their hooves, overall. As for the frogs, in wet conditions, the do sort of bloat up some, much like your toes will get all "pruney" if they can't get dried out enough. Clean water in a pasture isnt' necessarily causing any thrush,but poopy/urine tinged water is a prime breeding ground for fungus.
The frog may be about to shed part of itself off, it happens more in spring/fall or wet spells, but usuall indicates the hoof itself is too long, so the frog doesn't get enough contact to exfoliate a little at a time, so it comes off in one piece. It can indicate a fungal issue, but not necessarily. Also, if your farrier routinely trims the frog, he may actually make it more suseptable to infection, so in most cases, leaving it alone is a better idea than trimming. Loose, hanging flaps being the exception, and should be removed, especially in wet seasons.
Soo, don't worry too much. Instead of a soap, try mixing Apple Cider Vinegar wiht water 50/50, and spray on the frog area. It will make the foot more acidic, so fungus finds it harder to thrive, and it won't dry out the foot.Soap could dry out the hoof, and you dont' want to chemically dry out a foot!
Also, the frog has a center crevice that's supposed to be there. WHen the frog is healthy, it's a wide valley, in a diseased foot, it starts to become a narrow split or even resemble a butt crack, and the frog will be super soft and mushy, even if you don't smell anything or see a black discharge, there can still be an infection. If under the flap of frog that is peeling off you can see a lot of white powder, you're looking at fungus, and that flap should be removed.

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