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freia 08-10-2013 03:57 PM

need recommendation for footing in my paddock/flatwork area
I wasn't sure whether to put this in this section or on Farm section, so I apologize if this is misplaced

I'm getting my property ready for 2 horses. The main pasture (it's all one pasture, but for this discussion, I'll say it has area "A" and area "B") is 2.2 acres.

Area A is very well-drained and slightly sloping. Area A is about 1.75 acres. This has good pasture-grass established on it.

Area B is a flat 1/2 acre section at the top of the pasture. It is currently a bit of a wasteland. The horses will have free access to both area A and B.

Because area B is nice and flat, I want to use it for groundwork, flatwork, teaching my kids to ride, and maybe putting in a couple jumps (no more than 2' high).

The horses will be ridden with Renegade hoof boots. I normally trail-ride. I do like doing flatwork once a week to keep the horse's and my skills touched up. This area would be ridden in about once a week, but the horses would be able to access it anytime.

I'm going to clear area B, work it level and smooth, and.... then what?

I could seed it with pasture-grass. I'd keep it mowed short:
pros: 1/2 acre extra foraging for the horses, mud-control in the wintertime, grass helps control the weeds.
cons: slippery when wet

I could dump some sand on there and leave it as bare dirt:
pros: good traction
cons: muddy and slippery in the wintertime, less grazing-land, weeds will be a pain to control

Based on peoples' experience with different footings, what would you recommend for what I'll be using area B for?

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