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BluMagic 04-02-2009 08:36 PM

Horse Forum Book of Terms!!!
I decided to make a sort of 'dictionary' to place terms learned here on HF. (At home as well). Type in your word(s) and give an equine meaning. I'll start! :-) (If someone's definitions are not understandable or are too difficult to interpret...feel free to simplify or ask quesitons! Please use this thread for terms and definitions only. I will create another thread for questions and comments!) THANKS!!

Discipline - the act of properly correcting behavior when a horse has misinterpreted or disobeyed your commands.

Punish - the act of overly disciplining your horse when you feel they have disobeyed. Often a subject to admitting pain.

Verbal Aids - spoken commands used to assist other aids that are often interpreted depending on voice tone.

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