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Britt 08-11-2013 07:15 PM

Thrush, White Line, & Abscesses (Oh my!)
Geez, with all the rain lately (and the completely wet/dry/humid/wet again conditions lately) I've been completely over-run by hoof problems!

I had the farrier out two weeks ago and he told me to start doctoring my horses hooves for Thrush and White Line (again!). I had gotten it (WLD) completely cleared out of their hooves (after a year of trying to get rid of it), so imagine my shock and frustration when he told me that both my horses have it again...

I was advised to doctor my horses hooves daily for three weeks with Hooflex Thrush (& WLD) Remedy... I managed to do it daily for a week, then the weather changed (Dog Day's) and it's been nothing but on and off rain, humidity, etc... Definately not good for my horses hooves. To add to it, their hoof soles are exfoliating and they are pastured (24/7 with no shelter for me to put them in) on about twenty-five acres of wet, muddy, soggy, knee-deep in water (in places) pasture... and they prefer to go stand in the knee-deep water over the slightly drier (but still wet and muddy) high-ground!

Then, to top things off even more-so... the day after my farrier left two weeks ago, my gelding stepped on a nail. I did everything the vet advised me to do and then some, and he seems to be doing pretty good. He's no longer lame at all at the walk, but at a trot he's a little lame. The spot where the nail went into his hoof abscessed and it's created a small hole that I can stick the hoof-pick up in about half an inch, but he's not sore and not pulling away when I do that unless I press into the spot pretty hard (and I only did that once to see how tender it was)... My question here, though, is... Should I put him back on penicillin shots for a few days or just leave him as is? I'm not concerned about it, but I'd rather be safe rather than sorry, as it is an open area and it is very muddy in the pasture.

Britt 08-11-2013 07:17 PM

Also, is there anything else that anyone has used, home remedy or bought remedy (and at a reasonable price!), to get rid of Thrush and WLD quickly?

WhyAHorseOfCourse 08-11-2013 08:23 PM

I don't know anything about penicillin, but I too have been fighting thrush.

I scrub the hooves with dish soap, soak them in a mix of epsom salts and salt, then use betadine(a little ear drop bottle works great for this) and put it on the areas. To top everything off I put a mix of antibiotic cream and diaper cream(athletes foot cream is also recommended) into the "groove" of the frog. It seems to be working really well and I've finally got that thrush on the run! :D

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