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FrancesF 04-04-2009 08:51 AM

questionable hair loss
I live in southern france and have two horses here and a shetland pony. I have had the two horses (one chestnut Anglo Arab, other Palomino breed unknown)for 6 years, the shetland is a new addition. This week i noticed some hair loss on the shetland, along her mane, a patch on her neck, and on one of her hind legs. The hair is very short, as if it has been shaved with a razor. Only on the long patch along her mane is there some dried scabs. I do not know what this could be, there is no lice, i thought about mange but i hope this is not the case. This shetland has only been here since february, perhaps the change of food/insects could have caused this? I am afraid that this hair loss could be contagious. Some days ago I noticed some hair loss in the bridle area on the Anglo Arab. I have used a new oil on the tack, maybe this is the cause? Thank goodness the Palomino has not yet showed any signs of hair loss.
Any help, advice or suggestions would be very very greatly appreciated!

weefoal 04-04-2009 07:29 PM

The spots that looked shave are probably the pony rubbing and itching. This is pretty common as they shed their winter coats. It could also be a bit of rain rot which again is common after winter. I wouldnt be too concerned. Usually the best cure is to be able to clip that heavy coat off as soon as its warm enough. Adding a tablespoon of oil or black sunflower seeds helps too

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