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horseluv7799 08-13-2013 11:10 AM

new to rodeos
:oops:can anyone give me some handy tips?! I am starting rodeos this September I am doing breakaway, barrels, and ribbon roping do you have any advise for any of theses events or just rodeos in general?

amberly 08-13-2013 11:38 AM

Rodeos are tons of fun - whether you are in the stands or in the rodeo especially. Earlier this year for our.. well, early rodeo, I was helping manage the gates for the barrel racing - so I got to stand next to the cattle chutes and watch, was that a sight when the biggest bull came out of the one right next to us? haha! yes!

*Ahem* anyways...
I have done a few barrel racing in rodeos and such, but it's not all that diferrent from practice. When it's your turn to do any of the events, just take deep breaths, stay calm, make sure your horse is listening nicely, and just act like you are at practice and no one is there. Otherwise it may feel like you are pressured to do your best, and you gotta win or, just no.

Make sure your horse is listening, calm and alert.
Make sure you are listening to your horse, calm and alert.
Make sure you both know what you are doing.
Completely ignore the stands and speakers. Just zone them out.
I cannot stress this one enough.... It is okay if you completely miss or fail at it. It really is okay, no one is going to die. Haha!! Everyone always thinks it is about winning and getting the money and what-not. But it isn't. It's about having fun no matter what the outcome. If you had fun and you enjoyed it, you are already a winner. But if you sulk and sulk because you messed up or didn't win, then really, you are still a winner. You are always a winner - just one that the judges don't recognize and that the rules changed while you were riding the course because the rules do that. Hehe!

Just the most important things is make sure you and your horse are calm, alert, listening, and ready.
And the number one most important thing is to have fun. Always always always have fun.

beau159 08-13-2013 09:15 PM

Rodeos are a lot of fun, and you'll meet a lot of lifetime friends.

Make sure you take the time to practice at home. The rodeo itself is not the time to practice; it's the time to perform. Also, make sure that your horse is going to be able to handle the sights and sounds of a rodeo, as many things (loud music, banners on the fence, etc) can be scary for an inexperienced rodeo horse.

For barrels, check out our barrel sticky on the barrel racing forum.

I myself am not a roper, so I can't give you too many tips on breakaway.

Ribbon roping? I've actually never even heard of that, and its not a typical "rodeo" event.

Main thing --> Well before it is your turn to go, make a game plan in your head. Imagine a perfect run in your head. Think about every move you need to make, and every cue you need to give your horse. Hold onto that thought, and then go do it when its your turn. Do not pay attention to what others are doing. It doesn't matter how they warm up their horse, or how they run their horse, etc, because you are not them. You are you. Stick to your game plan. Don't be influenced by others. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and think you have to do what everyone else is doing.

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