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aerobicv 04-05-2009 02:28 PM

Tough decision to sell quarter pony(long story)
I posted back in Oct on the new member board that we purchased an 8 yr old quarter pony for my 11 yr old daughter. We are new horse people and looking back there were a few things we should have picked up on.

The owner of the barn where we keep him needed to sell his 20 year old Keiger mustang who is wonderful which we bought and our neighbor sold us her 12 year old running quarter horse whom my 11 year old loves.

I thought I could keep the pony for me but he is just too much for me. He has a very sweet dispositon but is very insecure. The sellers had told us that he is better in the arena than on the trails. We tried to get them to explain but they just said he gets a mind of his own sometimes but won't buck or rear. We've taken the 3 horses on trail rides (I've had a wonderful trainer working with him and she rides him) and he panics when the other horses get in front of him and he did rear with the trainer. (He had previously reared with me in the arena when something spooked him). The trainer worked him hard, disengaging his hindquarters and letting him know that was not allowed.

I am 50 though and not brave/experienced enough to continue with this pony. My 20 year old daughter wants to keep him but she has no experience with horses and I feel like he's not safe for her either and my husband is too big to ride him. We have put in a lot of money with this trainer and can't afford to anymore and I just can't do it myself. It's such a hard decision because I think he can be a great horse but needs someone more experienced to work with him.

The sellers did put a right of first refusal in the contract so I've decided to contact them. I feel like he isn't safe for my 11 year old and we have the other horse now for her and I love the 20 year old horse and don't have to put further training on them but can just enjoy riding lessons on them.
I'm posting this because this decision is really tearing me up! But I think it's best. I'm hoping that the previous owners will take him back even at a lower price.

CheyAut 04-06-2009 01:26 AM

I'm sorry you're going through this! It IS for the best though. For YOU, your family, and the pony! :) *hugs*

Angel_Leaguer 04-06-2009 07:28 AM

Before someone does get hurt I think it is time to part with the pony. it is going to be tough but it is the best thing to do for you, your family, and the pony. Maybe the original owners will take him back in.

iridehorses 04-06-2009 07:57 AM

Aerobivc, welcome to the forum. What your experience has been is not so unusual with new horse owners - they trust the sellers without knowing what to look for. (btw, many more experienced horsepeople do that too).

Safety is first and paramount. Sometimes you have to take the loss and chalk it up to experience but it's best to dispose of the horse. I have learned never to buy a horse that has a problem thinking that I can fix it or have it fixed. If the horse isn't what I expect, then I'll pass on him or sell him. I own horses for the enjoyment and if I can't enjloy them or trust them, then they are gone. There are plenty of really good horses out there, espeicially in this economy, that can be had for nothing or next to it.

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