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landrover 08-13-2013 04:54 PM

Burying Waterline
Hi all,
Need advice on how to cost effectively bury water for pasture about 150 from the barn. I will be trenching for electricity, and thought , Hey, If I do a water line. I wont have to carry water in the snow and ice etc. So , I was thinking of 1 inch line, 3 feet down. In the Niagara region, and I know your supposed to go four feet, but the rental trencher only does 3. Could I get away with no tracer line and use a pipe wrap only, as one business suggested? Or do I have to go with some heat. Either way, I'm on a Really tight budget, so you know my mind set. Any suggestions would be much obliged!! Thx,

Saddlebag 08-13-2013 05:41 PM

You might get away with the four foot depth but should anything walk across the line, a dog, deer, person, it will drive the frost deeper. Mine is buried 8' and it's never been a problem. A frost free hydrant was installed that opens a valve and allows the water in the pipe to empty down into the trench, instead of freezing. I recommend you go with a back hoe that can dig that deep. As for wiring, ask an electrician what weight of wire you need because of the length. Always go heavier rather than too light as you only want to bury it once. You can install a water line with the heat line built in. I thinks it's called Pyro tech.

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