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MyFillyAspen 08-14-2013 07:04 AM

~Riding Blog~ HalleysComet and Dimka
Thought I would make a journal about my riding etc. with the new horse I am stating (tonight) to ride.

Background Info:

I have been looking for a horse to ride due to the horse I had been riding for the last 11mo was being leased out, and the other horses which his owner had I did not feel would challenge me and help me improve my riding. After looking for about a month, I was approached by one of the girls I have met previously at the riding school I work for - her mum had stepped in to do some instructing whilst my instructor was out of action - spoke with me and suggested a few horses which live on her property.
One of those suggested was a 16.1hh Chestnut TB gelding, who was at the PC day I was attending with my previous riding horse and his leasee.

I was then contacted by his owner and spoke with her for a while, before going out to meet him this past Saturday with a friend of mine (we had been visiting an old agistee at another property and I had invited her along to meet and watch this new horse - she is also a rider and knows my previous riding horse).
I had a walk/trot/canter on him, and although he was a bit rushy the first few strides and a bit out of practice with his transition from trot to canter (his owner, a lovely girl, told me she had just recently started cantering him), he was really quite comfortable once we got over the initial transitioning.

Had a bit of a think over about this OTTB, when I got home, but I knew he would be a go'er after speaking with my friend and mum who came with me when I tried him out. Then worked out riding days (I am going to be riding him Monday/Wednesday/Friday and paid in bulk fortnightly) and other handling I will be doing (rugging after I ride depending on the weather, feeding him his hard feed and chucking him some hay, etc.)

My goals:
- Work to get him on the bit (I asked if he had been taught, as he did go on the bit a few times whilst I tried him out, and was told she had worked on it with him previously but not a lot)

- Work on his trot/canter transitions to try and get a smooth transition into the canter (he jumped into the canter when I tried him out - his owner says he always does that, which he did both times I asked him for a canter).

- I also want to work on extended trot and leg yielding (both of these I did not try when I tried him out, apart from a brief try at leg yielding in which he was a bit confused)

I'm really looking forward to riding this horse - he seems very nice to ride, and with a bit of practice from both his owner and myself riding him, as his owner agrees, it will be good to see what he is like with proper work.

His owner is very honest and nice, which I like because I'd rather ride a person's horse if they are honest She told me that he has a bit of a quirk with tying up (he goes for wanders when left alone, to seek out human companions - which I saw when he was randomly strolling quite contently at PC (I didn't know who he as at that point, and it wasn't until I was having a yak with his owner that we figured out it was him who I had seen having a stroll
) - she even apologized to me for making her own horse sounds horrible by telling me everything that he does I'm glad she has told me everything, and told her she didn't need to apologize - I like to know what I am dealing with, and I too would tell a potential rider what my horse was like - better knowing than not knowing and ending up misinformed or hurt, so I'm glad she was being open with me.

I don't have any pictures from when I tried him out, but should have some pictures tonight as I will be riding him officially for the first time

(Above writing was from Tuesday 12/08/13 before going to ride Dimka for the first time since trying him out)

MyFillyAspen 08-14-2013 07:15 AM

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Update from Tuesday night after riding Dimka for the first time since trying him out.

This is coppied straight from my account where I wrote a status that night :

"Just had one of the best rides I've ever had when I went to ride Dimka tonight (my first ride since trying him out on Saturday).
With a bit of asking and reminding I got him to work on the bit properly and he did almost all of our ride tonight on the bit - even in our cool down walk when I let him stretch out and get all relaxed, he stayed on the bit, the dag!!
Haha silly boy was going around the arena in our cool down, going 'I'm doing it!! Look at me!!', such a good boy - can tell I'm going to have so much fun riding him!"

What we worked on:
-Working on the bit (walk and trot, is confused in the canter and was slowing even with leg on and driving him with my seat) Something to work on.
- Did canter both ways - after the inital transition into the canter, his canter was nice and seemed almost like a rocking horse canter - I now understand what people mean by that saying!)

Untacked/rugged then put him back in his yard with his feed (hard feed and hay). Owner told me that she will be getting more hoof salve/oil for his hooves which she wants me to put on his hooves a few times a week as he used to have really bad feet when she got him.

Below are some pics my mum snapped and a short video (Please ignore the fact that I did not have much leg - this is only my third ride recently in three weeks of not riding so I'm still working back the leg muscles - I also realise that I need to work on sitting straighter so that is another thing to work on for me :wink:).

MyFillyAspen 08-14-2013 07:21 AM

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Pictures cont.

MyFillyAspen 08-14-2013 07:22 AM

MyFillyAspen 08-14-2013 07:23 AM

Had a good ride tonight - it was a bit windy though, so he was a bit looky and distracted by the wind, and the other horses moving about.

- Worked on the bit in trot and walk (he gets so much better, after working on the bit for a while, then he does it almost immediately when you ask him once he has come off the bit).

- Had a canter (I really need to work on my leg muscels because my inside leg on was not strong enough so our circle wasnt as good as I would like it to be when I am riding)

Put some hoof stuff on his hooves (forgot the name) before I rode (going to do that 2 times a week, Mondays and Fridays), which his owner asked me to do a couple times week before I ride, as he used to have bad hooves so this will help them and keep them healthy.

Groomed the sweat from his coat, put both his rugs on and put him in his yard, then went to get his hard feed and hay, and soaked his hard feed. Gave him his hay, then got him his hard feed when it had soaked - I didn't realise how much MaxiSoy actually soaks up and expands - glad his owner showed me how much water to use in comparison to hard feeds I have made previously with other horses)

Didnt get any pictures tonight because mum had a miagraine so she stayed in the car whilst I rode etc.

MyFillyAspen 08-14-2013 06:07 PM

Posts 1,2,3 & 4 were from Monday 11/08/13 not Tuesday 13/08/13. Whoops.

MyFillyAspen 08-15-2013 12:15 AM

****** Posts 1,2,3 & 4 were from Monday 12/08/13 not Tuesday 13/08/13. Whoops ******

MyFillyAspen 08-16-2013 04:13 AM

Not riding tonight due to 90km winds, rain and thunder. His owner has already gone down and fed him (I usually feed him after I ride). Hopefully the weather is alright on Monday to ride.

MyFillyAspen 08-19-2013 08:27 PM

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Update from riding yesterday (Monday 19/08/13).

Rode Dimka last night, only did walk and trot, no canter as he was not listeneing properly undersaddle and was a bit flighty when I took him out of his yard (the horses next door and in the yards next to him and also in the yard next to the arena I rode in, were running and bucking).

What we worked on in our ride:

- Walk/trot on the bit at a good pace (he kept wanting to slow dow, so I would incrase my leg and seat to keep him moving forward.

- Tried to see if he knows leg yeilding, but riding him down the centre line at C he didnt know what I was asking of him, but rather walked angled. Tried seeing is he would leg yeild off my leg at a halt, and he did move, but he did not yeild even with directing him with my inside leg and a firm inside rein with a open outside rein to get him to yeild to the right hand side of the arena. Will try and work with getting him to yeild, but at the moment I am more concerned about working on his canter (Which I wanted to do but felt it wasn't ideal for me or him due to him being distracted by the other horses acting (in their yards and two also in the jumps arena stretching their legs, which were put away due to them galloping and rearing which was impacing Dimka and making him want to run with them).

I soaked his feed before I rode him, so when I finished riding all I needed to do was untuck, brush, rug and put him in his yard, then carry his hard feed over with his hay (which I put in his haynet, as per request from his owner, due to the muddy yard from all the rain we had on Friday/Saturday/Sunday).

Some pictures and a video of course (Working on trotting on the bit - I realise that he is almost on the bit too much - I am not asking him to go like this, he seems to mainly do it on the corners - when he isnt trying to stick his head in the air that it :-|:wink:)

1min video (Working on getting him to stay on the bit in trot) :
18082013044_zpsf6221ddb.mp4 Video by HalleysComet1994 | Photobucket

Pictures :-)

Attachment 261065

Attachment 261073

Attachment 261081

Attachment 261089 We look so short!!!! Considering I'm almost 5'10 and Dimka is 16.1hh.... we look tiny!

Attachment 261097

Attachment 261105

Dimka decided he was a bit special after our ride.. :lol:
Attachment 261113

Attachment 261121

Attachment 261129

Attachment 261137

MyFillyAspen 08-19-2013 08:32 PM

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Two more pictures from our ride yesterday (Monday 19/08/13)

Attachment 261161

Attachment 261169 :smile:

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