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AQHSam 08-15-2013 11:57 AM

Body Position in AP Saddle
Sooooooo, I tried my new Wintec 2000 AP saddle last night for the first time. Wow. A much different tactical feel from Western than I was expecting.

I will have my buddy photography me tonight in the saddle and post them later tonight. However, I was wondering if anyone has photos they can share for me?

I am looking for photos that demonstrate body placement in the saddle. I know that there is a straight line running from shoulder, through hip, down to heels. But where exactly are you sitting in the saddle?

I ask because my Wintec came with the velcro knee pads inserts. During my test ride yesterday, I didn't feel as if my knees were anywhere near those pads. With the different stirrups (compared to Western) I almost felt as if my legs were back too far.

I know my pictures will go a long way in answering my questions, but I have never rode in an English saddle before. Can you describe what it should feel like, and provide pics if possible?


bsms 08-15-2013 01:05 PM

It depends on if you are riding using a dressage seat or a forward seat.

Dressage seat (Edward Gal):

Forward seat (from George Morris in The American Jumping Style -

American Military seat (from the Cavalry manual):

I don't own a Wintec. I have two Bates, and the Bates AP saddle is closer to a jump saddle than a dressage saddle. If you have an engineering sort of mind, American Military Horsemanship (including the Cavalry manual - is hard to beat.

I have a shelf full of books on riding dressage, but none has convinced me to try it.

freia 08-16-2013 11:27 AM

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I ride in a Passier PSP-VS. Passier considers it an A/P saddle with jumping tendency. It does not have any knee-rolls. They were sometimes used as eventing saddles "back in the day". It does put me in the typical A/P position, which tends towards a little bit of a chair seat, because A/P saddles often have the stirrup bars fairly far forward. I've learned that if I sit in the deepest part of the saddle with my feet out of the stirrups and place my leg in the correct alignment with my hip and shoulder, I can best find the stirrup-hole that puts me in the best position.
Since you're going to this saddle from a Western saddle, take some time sitting in it without stirrups to find that "sweet-spot" in the deepest part of the seat where you want to let your seat and pubic bones just settle in and balance.

Last pic is me in a Passier PSP-VD (same saddle but with a dressage tendency). Not much difference.

I haven't ridden in a wintec 2000, but I've ridden in the 500. It tends to lock me into a position where I feel like my butt is too far back and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't know if the 2000 is similar.

Pardon the cheesy grin in these pics. It was my first time on a Friesian (not my horse), and the grin couldn't be helped.

freia 08-16-2013 11:39 AM

And just to add, no A/P saddle is supposed to make you lean forward like I do in these pics. you should be able to keep your back straight and sit deep. I'm going uphill in one pic and futzing with the reins in the other, so ignore the forward position.

AQHSam 08-16-2013 09:19 PM

Freia, I think everyone should have a cheesy grin when in a saddle. That way I don't look odd.

QHriderKE 08-18-2013 06:03 PM

Cheesy grins, eh?

The first day I had my English saddle :) The stirrups are a hole or two short for me in this picture lol

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