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SammyBoy123 07-15-2007 11:44 PM

Hi my name is sean I have a horse and he was down at someone esles place and when he came home after a week I noticed he had enlarged ticks. I pulled them all off, well what i am aware of. And going to check again . Do you have any recomendations to get rid of them. AS our houise is a flea and tick free zone and we want to keep it that way. :cry:

Ryle 07-16-2007 02:50 PM

There are several flea/tick shampoos on the market that are labeled for use in horses. Another option is treating your horse with an ivermectin dewormer.....not always 100% effective, but usually does the trick.

crackrider 07-17-2007 11:40 PM

Is your friends place in an area that has ticks? If he is then you are supposed to get your horse dipped in a tick bath to kill the ticks when it crosses borders etc. If your horse was in NSW then there are some areas that have a lot of ticks.
And then of coarse there are the odd few ticks you find in tick free areas. If you do find ticks on your horse then pull them out (be careful to get the head out) and then you can either squish them between your finger nails or put them in metho to kill them. You need to kill them! DO NOT drop them on the ground alive!!! You don't want to start a tick farm!!!!!!!! :D They will not harm your horse in small numbers and the only damage they can really do to a fully grown horse is to make them itchy and then only in large numbers.

As Ryle said go to your local saddlery and ask if they have any shampoo that you can wash your horse in that may help.

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