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RememberPearl 08-16-2013 10:25 AM

Problem with Horses
I've been at my new home for barely two weeks and problems are already coming. My rescue horse Sal, who was between 5 & 10 years old, just passed away suddenly. The vet can not figure out what cause him to pass but he recommened I have my water, feed, and grain checked. Naturally I followed his advice, I even had the air tested, and everything came back normal, nothing out of the ordinary or unusual. I even had a sample of Sal's manure checked just in case he got into something, even though I check the pastures multiple times for posinous plants. Before Sal passed I noticed the horses acting very odd, doing things they had never done before. They would go from grazing to doing a full gallop around the pasture, not like they were playing but like something may've spooked them. After seeing this happen a few times I got some cheap cameras that have nightvision and set them up around the pasture. I looked it over and I can't see anything that could be causing it. In the morning when I would go feed them breakfast and put them in the pasture I noticed sweat on them, like they had been pacing most of the night. Now I close the doors to keep critters, or people out, and also to give the horses some additional warmth. I installed one of the outdoor cameras inside the barn at an angle where I could see all the stalls. Upon reviewing this I found that not only were the horses pacing but they also seemed to be trying to get out of there stalls, like something has them so scared that they want to get out. Sal seemed to be the worst one out of the group. The following night I set up an old baby monitor that my sister let me borrow and, along with the camera, I found nothing abnormal except the horses. I've never had this problem with a horse before and it is starting to worry me because on of my horses is totally blind so naturally I'm worried about her hurting herself. My other horse, Term, is now at my sister's place on lease to her daughter and she hasnn't noticed him acting odd at all. Now my sister lives next door so why is he acting weird at my place and not there. Even my big huge dogs are acting off, also had there food tested. They normally would follow me outside but at a distance, now they are clued to my side and just start whimpering out of the blue. I can be sitting at my computer and my Mal will just start crying or my Shepherd. It is just starting to freak me out with how strange my critters are acting here. I called the old owner, who at one time had horses, and they hung up when I asked if their animals acted odd in any way I got hung up on. So something odd has more then likely happened here before.

So do you guys have any clue whay may be going on here?

Cat 08-16-2013 10:32 AM

I'm so sorry for the loss of your horse.

My first thought is electrical issues and improper grounding. I had heard of another incident where animals were acting strange similar to what you are describing and it ended up being an electrical problem. I can't remember the details on exactly what they found but I remember it was a complete mess and they had to redo a lot and dig up lines even. It would even account for the sudden loss of your one horse if he got electrocuted.

RememberPearl 08-16-2013 10:37 AM

I had the entire property checked out to make sure the electric, plumbing etc was all good and sound. The day that Sal died he was in a temporary pasture nowwhere near any electric wires I have on the property, my fences are wood. I had him in there with Roxie, my blind mare to see if they would settle but no.

BlueSpark 08-16-2013 10:42 AM

I have heard of horses acting bizarre with magnesium deficiencies?

Speed Racer 08-16-2013 10:49 AM

That doesn't really account for the dogs being uneasy too though, Blue.

walkinthewalk 08-16-2013 10:54 AM

I am also very sorry for the loss of Sal:cry:

My first thought was he may have had heart problems and something set him off to the point he had heart failure.

The point about current running thru the ground is also excellent and again, if Sal did have heart issues, that could have also triggered heart failure.

Sal wasn't too young. I am forum acquainted with a lady who lost her APHA to serious heart problems when he was under ten years old. I want to say he wasn't much more than five but it's been several years back and I can't remember. He was the most gorgeous Paint I have ever laid eyes on and as gentle as he was handsome:-(

Interesting and mysterious the previous owner hung up on you:shock:

Since you have taken every scientific step known to mankind, I believe I would step out of the realm of what is normal and go digging.

Electric current running thru the ground periodically is a good scientific first step. It does not have to be your electric current either. How are far are you from power sub-stations? Are there any of those giant power grid cables running nearby to where anything might have an electric leak that is not enough to affect a human but it would affect animals?

Does anyone near you have pigs? Pigs are extremely sensitive to electric. They wear rings in their noses to keep them from digging because a jolt from an equine fence charger can kill them.

If someone with pigs periodically might experience losing some, leaking electric current is the answer.

Then there's always the realm of things we don't understand. How long did the previous owner live in your home? Any chance you might be able to track down the owners before them or relatives?

How about long-time neighbors that would know not only the history but the lore of your area?

Some THING is triggering your animals and it's real to be affecting all the species you own:?

You sure have my curiosity piqued. Please update us, if you find out any little thing:-)

NorthernMama 08-16-2013 10:55 AM

Subbing to see what ideas people come up with. Very unusual. Can you ask the neighbours for any insight?

natisha 08-16-2013 11:01 AM

Can you try taking them to your Sister's place & see how they act there? Maybe switch horses from both places.

Possible wild animal hanging around? Ghosts?

Try calling the people back & asking again. It sounds like they know something. Don't make it seem you are accusing them of anything but that you really are stumped & looking for answers.

As a last resort an animal communicator? I know that sounds far fetched but you never know.

RememberPearl 08-16-2013 11:03 AM

The previous owner lived there for less then a year. My sister hasn't lived there very long so she has no clue, the other neighbor told me to get lost when I asked him. I got similar results from other people. There was one who told me that no one lived there very long before shooing me away. I can't find out any info on the owner before the last one that is up to date.

My neighbor has pigs but he has had good luck with them, none have died suddenly unless you count being made into bacon.

My vet did an autopse on Sal and couldn't find any problems with his heart or anything odd.

Power-sub stations, grids etc are to far away to be causing that; I live in the middle of nowwhere. The nearest one is about a half-hour to an hour away.

But why was my gelding Term acting odd at my place but not at my sisters? That is what is really puzzling.

I have a salt lick in the pasture for the horses.

LilacsBloom 08-16-2013 11:09 AM

Maybe try googling the address for the property to see if there have been any incidents or stories associated with it? My curiosity is piqued as well. I find it strange too that people are so resistant to conversation about it. Hmmmm.....

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