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horseluv7799 08-16-2013 07:35 PM

blanket recomendations?
so i am thinking about putting a blanket on my horse this winter to keep his coat sleek... do y'all have any recommendations for turn ought blankets that will keep my baby warm?

plomme 08-16-2013 11:12 PM

I like Rambo blankets.

Saskia 08-17-2013 06:45 AM

If he's kept with other horses you have to make sure it's strong (denier) and then you can choose the amount of fill. That will depend on where you live. Be aware that horses get hot, and used to blankets, so on days that aren't cold you'll have to unrug, but you must keep rugging through winter as the horse is used to it.

Also note, it's generally thought that while rugging flattens a horse's coat which makes it appear shorter, it doesn't effect how much coat they grow, which is thought to be dictated by genetics and light.

PaintHorseMares 08-17-2013 07:00 AM

If you really want to blanket, your choice will depend on how cold it gets. What are your winters like?

Saddlebag 08-17-2013 08:15 AM

Daylight hours dictate the length of the horse's coat. A horse has the ability to stand the hair up to trap body warmth, or turn the hair to catch cooling breezes. Blanketing often causes a horse to overheat because it is not able to regulate it's body temperature. Overheating can lead to dehydration.

Equistar202 08-20-2013 01:15 PM

I've had really great luck with the Avalance turnout blanket by Horze! So reasonably priced and extremely durable.
Horze Avalanche Turnout Blanket | Horze Winter Rugs

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