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kerplop 04-10-2009 11:44 AM

Equine Sports Therapy question
Hey everyone!

On Wednesday I had an equine sports therapist come out for Gracie because Gracie's hind end looked really stiff, and the lady loosened up her muscles and realigned those muscles along her croop/far back.

Before I continue, Gracie is an OTTB, but she doesn't act like one at all under saddle. She's not hot at all. When I first bought her she took off with me once, but it was completely my fault because I had been cantering without stirrups, and when I went to pick one up I accidentally kicked her.

Yesterday I took Gracie to a jumping lesson. (After calling the ESM therapist to make sure it was okay) It was off property so I was expecting Grace to be a little uptight, but once the lesson started she was relaxed and like her usual self. The trouble started when we were asked to canter after a jump. My trainer at home has cantered Gracie maybe 3 times, (like trot-canter transition) and me only when I first got her and we'll canter off after a jump, so I didn't mind getting her a little more forward on our approach to the little cross rail. But, Gracie did NOT canter off, and so we were told to just pick a place in the ring and canter. So I asked for one full lap around the ring, and then she finally started cantering and then... took off!! She did it twice more after that, (and other times her canter was perfect) so we had an interesting lesson to say the least.

So, after all of that info, do you think that Gracie did that because her once tight hind quarters were loose, and feeling good? No one at my barn ever had anything like this done to their horses, so I don't know if it's usual for horses to get a little hot after their treatment. Thanks!

(PS I'm going to post pictures of the lesson in the jumping thread today if you want to see Gracie jump!)

Tayz 04-11-2009 02:29 AM sounds like it probaly hurt her or something. I'm no expert so I wont give you any tips but I would probaly ringo your therapist and ask her about that and see whether she could take another look perhaps?
I hope she gets better...I hate been bolted with a horse, it's not fun at all...

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