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Britt 04-10-2009 03:50 PM

Leg/Tendon Injury & First Time Trailering
My three year old gelding Dakota injured his leg/knee yesterday. There was a little swelling and no heat in his knee yesterday morning but when he walked/trotted up to me I noticed that he was off and limping pretty badly at a trot. Later, when I went out again, there was heat in his knee right where his joint is and it was swollen a bit more at the back where the tendons and ligaments are.

I got ahold of my best friend Hannah, to see if she could come and look after him this week since I'm going out of state the eleventh through the nineteenth. She agreed, then said that her dad could get a trailer and I could just bring Dakota down to her house for him to stay with her this week while I'm gone.

Today they (she and her mom and dad) brought their friends trailer down (she lives three miles from me). Dakota has NEVER seen, been in, or heard a trailer. We were all expecting a bit of an argument out of him, considering he's only three and has never had any experience with horse trailers... He completely AMAZED us all... He went right in the trailer after stopping to smell it for a moment and didn't pull or fight with us at all... He stood perfectly in the trailer while it was moving and just stood there and looking through the bars. When we got to their house he was absolutely perfect to unload as well. My other horse (my 15 year old mare) refuses to even step up onto the trailer, and my friends mare has mild 'panic attacks' when in a trailer...

I'm not exactly sure what type of injury he has, but I'm treating it like a more serious injury... My boy is on stall rest 24/7 with only minimum turnout (he'll get turned out in a very small paddock twice a day for three hours each time to graze... between 9-12 AM and 3-6 PM). He'll get his leg hosed off three or four times a day and gets fed a mixture of oats, regular feed, and cracked corn twice a day along with unlimited Bermuda hay.

paintsrock14 04-16-2009 06:00 PM

if your horse is scared of the trailer bring it into the pasture, then put the feed tub in the trailer. first put it as close to the edge as possible then each morning and night move it back a little farther. at first she will be scared but then she will learn that if she wants to eat she will conquer her fear and get in. the first time you put her in the trailer she will be alittle scared,, then you will need to have a hay net and a little hay in your hand so that she will follow you and eventually you won't even need to walk in the trailer with her.

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