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GeminiJumper 04-11-2009 07:15 PM

shedding = hairs in my mouth :P
does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get shedding hair out quickly whilst avoiding full body clipping? luke is shedding like crazy and i can spend an hour grooming him and there'd still be loose hair coming off! lol yucky...

PoptartShop 04-11-2009 07:23 PM

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Shedding blades, & shedding blocks get rid of the hair easily, without clipping! :) I use them all the time, as shedding can be a pain in the butt! :lol:

GeminiJumper 04-11-2009 07:26 PM

k...i shall have to try the block...i think i have one somewhere in my tack trunk lol

mudypony 04-11-2009 07:36 PM

Shedding blades are AWESOME! And cheap. I'd highly recommend them to anyone. They also help with caked on mud, too.

EternalSun 04-11-2009 08:05 PM

Try the Furminator. Everyone I know swears by them.

GeminiJumper 04-11-2009 09:31 PM

isn't the Furminator made for dogs and cats?

hmmm, i guess it could work on shedding horses, too!! lol

Hoofprints in the Sand 04-11-2009 10:01 PM

curry comb and then shedding blade (and don't wear lip gloss!! lol)

close2prfct 04-11-2009 10:04 PM

Furminators work great just don't press down too hard they are blades rather than brushes. We used them all the time grooming dogs and I've used one on my horses, they seem to like them to gets to those itchy spots!

EternalSun 04-12-2009 01:26 PM

They make Furminators for horses now too, but they're expensive. I just use a large dog one and it works great.

jumpwhat007 04-13-2009 11:37 AM

I curry tons, then vaccum him. Gets hair out real nice. I have a horse vaccum.

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