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Go The Distance 04-11-2009 08:50 PM

god. i really detest drama. please help!
alrighty, i have a bit of a delema. i have 3 wonderful horses, only one of which i actually own. at my ranch, my boss will purchase a horse for a worker, and it is their's to train and keep. i have a 2 year old arab. mare, and an 11 year old arab. gelding.

i am currently training both of them, the 11 year old will be racing with me this season.

anyway, this crazy boy just came to me with -zero- training. i broke him, and payed for all his expensies (granted ive only had him since november, i will have him for at least 2 years. thats a long time!) anyway, i have worked very hard for him, he is my boy.

We do endurance racing, the kids who do not compete in endurance really look at us as if we where gods lol.

Anyway, this girl, ashley, has a VERY nice paint gelding named Bolt (again, my boss owns him). he is absoulutly gorgous, and she wants to compete in barrel racing on him. good for her, all the power to ashley! i am very excited and supportive of her goal.

so, we go training for our endurance rides. and ashley starts talking about how she has to go training as well. i got a little confused, but she was refering to her practicing barrels. i found it a bit odd how she refered to it as 'training'.

she wants an endurance horse sooooo badly. and really, endurance is more glorified than it really is. i wanted to dapple into it, and i found out what its really like, and its nothing like i imagined. :?

so ashley and her friend keep talking about how they are getting my horse! i was so pissed off. who knows? i might stick with him rather than the filly, 2 years is a lonngg time! she was even planning out what colours she would use on him and everything. :-|

now im going to be totally honest with you. i broke my back for this horse, and im (still) working very hard with him, my boss didnt even think he would be able to be broken. (he has a short attention span, and he dosent connect with people well. ) why would i be breaking, training, and getting miles on a horse if he wont stay with me? (all of the other people with their own horses have the same set up, but their horses will not be 'hand me downs' so to speak.)

now really, what should i do about this? how should i tackle this problem, or should i just let it go? im a little peeved, and could really use your help! its bothering me just a bit, id like to get this resolved. i really do not like people talking behind my back about how i should take care of my horses, or about how they should be riding them. :|

Walkamile 04-11-2009 10:44 PM

Talk to your boss/owner of the horse and find out what is really going on. If he doesn't know anything about it, then these girls were just trying to get to you. If he does, it's your opportunity to tell him your views and feelings concerning the situation.

county 04-11-2009 11:21 PM

I'm a little confused from your post. Who owns the horse? If its your horse then how can someone else take it? If its not your horse then its up to the owner whats done with it. Ask the owner whats up?

Go The Distance 04-11-2009 11:41 PM

He is owned by my Boss, he is considered to be mine, since i pay for most of his expenses, did all his training, and my boss refers to him as 'sam's horse' lol.

usually he is out of this, Walkamile most of the time he has no idea about what these girls talk about. my ultimate worry would be these girls going to him about it. i suppose i will just have to confront them myself, considering i heard them talking about it when i was in the stall next to them taking care of said horse, who was wounded from a kick. lol. :|

county 04-11-2009 11:43 PM

To be honest from your posts I think the drama is coming from you.

sandy2u1 04-12-2009 12:00 AM

im a little bit confused by your post. are you concerned that once your 2 years are up that your boss will turn the horse over to these girls or that they might buy him once hes trained? or are they talking about your training skills? or is it just babbling and dreaming aloud? If its a real posibility that they could get the horse your training, then go ahead and speak with your boss....if his goal is to sell him once you are done training him, maybe you can make arrangements to buy him? If these girls are just babbling and theres nothing they can do about it...I would totally ignore it....if anything, take it as a compliment on how far the horse has come and what a great job you are doing with him.

booner 04-12-2009 06:46 PM

Instead of fretting over it, talk to your boss or the girls...I dont see where the drama is.If you have questions seek them out.Best of luck.

Go The Distance 04-12-2009 07:32 PM

i came into work yesterday to find my horse over, tacked up in (said girl's) saddle. :|

she gave me no reason for bringing him over (she didnt get to ride him, she was going to until i showed up.) i talked to my boss about it, he wasn't at the ranch at the time (he was out at a race, im guessing this girl assumed i was there as well), he didnt tell her to ride him or anything.

i told her never to do it again, that was that. :x

JMMarroq 04-12-2009 07:58 PM

If it isn't your horse then it is a possibility :( Ask the owner and then you will know for sure. I am sure the girls were just trying to agravate you, but again you will have to ask the owner of the horse to be sure. Hope it all works out, best of luck.

That's a really problem if the girl was going to ride him without either you or the owner's permission...sounds like she needs a good talk about what's right and what's wrong lol.

hotreddun 04-12-2009 08:20 PM

Legally you can't do anything...its not your horse. So either buy the horse and move him off property or make a complaint to your boss. The boss has to handle it because he owns the horse. If you confront the girl its going to make more trouble for you IMHO. If you have a lease contract it should say that you are the only person allowed to ride the horse.

Secondly...I don't even do barrels and I found your comment about practicing barrels not being "training" offensive.

If the boss/horse owner won't fix the problem and you can't buy the horse...I would make friends with them. There is a much less likely chance of them "borrowing" your horse if they are good friends with you. And if they do and your friends at least you will know their riding style.

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