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thetempest89 08-18-2013 08:23 PM

Sitting Trot
Hello guys,

So I need some advice for sitting trot. I worked on leg yields yesterday and my sitting trot feels horrible. Nothing like being overweight either you can feel everything bouncing. I've looked up youtube videos and I do NOT look like that. My lessons are only 45 minutes, so I feel like I don't get enough time to work things out for myself. A few weeks ago, I felt like I was getting closer to it. Sitting a trot just feels so unnatural to me lol even yesterday my coach had to remind me to sit because I started rising when giving the leg yield.

Anyways, any advice would much appreciated.

heymckate 08-18-2013 11:06 PM

My horse has a bouncy trot, so I can feel your pain! If I'm not well balanced or tense I am all over the place when sitting.

While you're working on the sitting trot, try slowing your horse's gait down a bit. You'll generally have an easier time sitting, and once you get the hang of it more you can work on doing it at an increased speed.

As far as learning how to do it correctly, it seems everyone has a way that works for themselves, but not necessarily for everyone else. It's just finding that one way that sticks with you. For me, I try to think long. I think about keeping my leg long, weight in my heels, and my back straight and tall. I keep my hip angle open and try to relax my hips and relax into those "long" legs (keep in mind "long" is metaphorical... my legs are anything BUT long in reality!). I also work on not being tense. If I tense up, things will fall apart.

I'm sure others will reply with what works for them. Try them all out--hopefully something will work for you! Good luck!

sheenanaginz 08-20-2013 06:26 PM

Think of Jello... thats what my trainer always told me! :D

tlkng1 08-20-2013 07:00 PM

I've had the same analogy Shenanginz :)...but for me it is simple relaxation. Relax my hips, sink down into my heels and sit deep.

Tempest...try working without irons first..that always helps to learn the sitting trot motion. Start with a slow a western style jog.

Incitatus32 08-20-2013 07:34 PM

I ride western mostly but I started in dressage and got a few compliments on my sitting trot. I was taught to lower your center of gravity into your seat. For the first few times I just flopped around trying to figure it out but soon I learned to think of it like you have concrete bags tied to your but and can't move anywhere but back and forth, using your spine as a pseudo shock absorber (it shouldn't be ramrod straight, but it should be able to absorb the recoil). This helped me a lot and was great when I started in english or on rough horses. It taught me an independent seat without relying on my stirrups or anything. Good luck! :)

Fayewokf 08-20-2013 08:44 PM

I am gazillion better everything without stirrups, I think after seeing me like a rag doll on my sitting trot, trainer asked me to take out my stirrups and immediately was able to jello-ize my body and go with the movement, I truly think this will take time. My leg gets thrown out of my stirrup when I do sitting trot, and when I try to keep my heels down, I ended up bouncing more and I do not want to be ejected out of it seat

ElaineLighten 08-24-2013 06:26 AM

It took me years to learn to sit the trot -_-
The way I got my "eureka!" moment was from riding bareback

thetempest89 08-25-2013 02:58 PM

Well I did some trotting without stirrups during my lesson. Really gotta work on it, so much multi-tasking thinking going on. Of course when I did the trot without stirrups I tensed more, which then my horse likes to go faster!

But I'm doing a lease day this week on Wednesday with her. I'm gonna try and work on it by myself for a little while. Then my lesson on Saturday.

I feel like my sitting trot got a bit better. I was able to move my hips and absorb the movement. But I can't concentrate doing that and leg yields at the same time.

This should be fan, hopefully now that abby and I know each other a little bit better. She won't be much of a hag to tack up.

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