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littrella 08-18-2013 11:20 PM

Danee driving!

The video is from my daughter's phone, so it not so good

littrella 08-18-2013 11:22 PM

The more I watch it, the more I realise just how bad the video is, SORRY!!!!

Taffy Clayton 08-19-2013 01:25 AM


Danee is a rock star!!


michaelvanessa 08-19-2013 09:27 AM

danee looks awesome.

Zexious 08-19-2013 02:12 PM

Oh my gosh, sooo cute! You should post pics, too <3

Endiku 08-19-2013 02:34 PM

What a champ! Good boy Danee, and good job Littrella! You guys will be cruising down the road in no time. Give the little cutie a kiss for Sour and I. He looks great.

littrella 08-20-2013 07:18 PM

Thanks everybody! He's still a bit unsure of the cart, so we've got a good bit of ground driving with it before I get in.

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